Don't Call it a Comeback...Or, Yes. Call it That

"No matter what we might be walking through, we can still have confidence that Jesus is the God of the comeback and that our story is not over as long as Jesus is in it."

This morning, God reminded me of the many stories in the bible where humankind faced a moment of despair and because of the glory of God, they had a comeback.

One story in particular, was about Moses. A man who took matters into his own hands, until one day God said to him what Moses might have already been thinking. His life appears as if it is passing him by, but God says I'm going to use you. And God did just that. Even after, Moses messed up several times and disobeyed God, but still had a comeback.

This goes to say to myself, and anyone this can relate to, that God wants to use you no matter the obstacles [even through them.] He placed us here to do his work and bring glory to His name.

We need to learn to let ourselves go and give it all to God. Life may be passing you by because you haven't surrendered. Yes, we are far from perfect, but God knows that and still wants to use us and show us what He can do in our lives. 

We all have a comeback with our name written on it.

It may feel like your story is over. It's easy for us to say that we've done too much wrong and that God doesn't love us anymore. That is not the voice of God, but instead the voice of self pity.

As humans, we are prone to obstacles and difficulties. One thing that was never said to us from our coming into this world, was that life would be easy. Let your story continue on because you never know who may need to read it for their comeback.

Like Moses, I question what God could possibly use me for, but I trust Him and have faith in Him. That's all I need. 

Let God press the reset button on your life!

Saphia Louise