My Secret to BIG Hair

The BIGGER The BETTER- they said
When it comes to my hair, I am always secretly praying and wishing for it to grow 10 inches overnight--every night. Sadly, that is probably not healthy or normal [unless it's not your hair--that's another story].

You could not get me to wear my curly hair outside of a ponytail as a teenager. Okay, maybe occasionally. I always felt like a little poodle because when I washed my hair and it would dry, it would turn into a big poof and shrink SO much. I couldn't take it. Times have changed, haven't they!

I live for big hair. The bigger the better. My Fro and I, we've formed such a special bond that I'm not quite sure what I would do without her.. Yes, her. There are some days when I tame my fro, but that is very rare.

A lot of people ask how my hair gets to be the way it is, so big and shaped to my desire. Honestly, I cut my hair over a year ago down to a really short, tapered cut. Since then, I haven't had a real haircut. [I am mentally preparing myself to go to DevaCurl for my hair makeover/transformation] So my shape is because of the short cut that I had. I guess you can say the grace of God had an input on my hair.

So, what I do is simple. I wash my hair and I use this magic machine, throw my head in there and it's sort of like an electric shock and boom!--I've got big hair. Maybe that's a lie.. But it is much simpler than that.

Adding a diffuser to replace the air concentrator is the first step that you take. After that, it's history! When I diffuse my hair, I start from the ends, pushing my hair gently to the roots. I do not use my blowdryer on high because I want to avoid as much heat damage as possible.

The ultimate, official heaven made combination of making your hair bigger and better: a Pick Comb .

The products that you use on your hair all depend on your hair type. I try to refrain from using oil based products, unless I am intentionally oiling my scalp/hair.

I'd love to know what you do to make your hair bigger, or if you don't like big hair, what are a few of your tricks?

Saphia Louise