Tuesday Eats: Italian Goodness @ Verde

LET'S DIGESTDiscovering new restaurants in all neighborhoods of New York ( and elsewhere) is such an exciting thing to do. Whether it becomes a favorite because of the food, the appearance, the atmosphere, the people, or even all of the above.

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about providing you all with some good food spots. Let's be real: when you don't have a job, the luxury of going out is limited. This past weekend I went to a new spot that I've never been to: "Verde". The food: delicious. The atmosphere: intimate, dark and calm.

So, until I begin working again and receiving a substantial income, then I am limiting  'Let's Digest' down to 1-2 restaurant reviews a month. Tis the season to eat fast food or cook at home anyway, haha!


I went with a few friends from church, but this is an ideal setting for a dinner date with a significant other. It's a calm setting with dim lighting, almost giving off a red-light-special type of effect. I also have a slight obsession with indoor brick walls, so of course I loved that much of the decor. The walls were lined with candles on glass shelves. I don't want to give away too much, but it's very cozy!


Italian food, mi piace! If there is any food I love more than anything, it's Italian food. The menu is limited when it comes to the entree section (pasta, seafood, carne) but there's no doubt you'll find what you want! I started off with an appetizer, oysters! I followed it up with a nice big plate of spaghetti with clam in white sauce.

It was yummy! I drown my pasta in parmigiana cheese, but prior to doing that, the pasta alone was very juicy as opposed to being on the dry side. From the looks and sounds of things, my friends also enjoyed their meal! The prices are very affordable.

The Blue Point Oysters went for $2 each and the spaghetti was close to $15. I personally didn't get anything to drink besides water with lemon [which is rare for me when it comes to a preference with my pasta].  (I didn't get a great photo of the oyster, so hope the video does justice)

Make sure you visit Verde the next time you're in Brooklyn! Tell them I sent you √

216 Smith St, 
Brooklyn, NY 11201

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