New Year: Bring on The Changes?

"New Year, New Me"

I can't express how's much I despise that phrase. Why, you ask?

Aren't people supposed to want to be better, Saphia? Why would you think a simple phrase that is meant to motivate people, is something badWho was grinding your gears so much to make you dislike this phrase? -- not too many questions at once people.

Here is the thing. Hold onto your seats. Every single day, it's a new year. Genius. I'm a genius, end of post.

All seriousness, it's true. Each day that you are blessed to wake up into, marks a new year from that same day last year. So many people wait for January 1st to begin a new challenge. To stop a habit. To become better.

I would like to have a talk with the person who decided to come up with this phrase. Don't get me wrong though, yes, each year should be filled with new endeavors, new goals,  new things to place on your bucket list. We should all have goals. However,  it should not be pushed back for the next year to come. What's the difference between December 28th and January 1st? I have an answer: space and procrastination.

I know so many people (including myself) who have said, once the new year hits then I will start eating healthy again. Lies. Once the new year hits, my main focus is to start working out. More Lies. Once the new year hits, I'm dropping this cheating, good-for-nothing boyfriend of mine. Girl,  why you always lying.
I know I said all seriousness before, but this time I am serious.

Someone once said out loud to a group of people, but because I want to feel special I will say that someone once told me... "Everything that you preach to others, is just a dress rehearsal for when you really have to tell it to yourself."

So,  don't get your pajamas all tied up in a bunch as I sit here and tell you that you will not achieve those "new year, new me" goals if you have to wait for the new year to begin them. Sometimes,  I know it's hard to actually have a goal.
I'm being transparent right now. There are moments when I question what the heck am I even doing with my life, let alone have goals to set. I have wanted to start so many things, just never knew how or didn't have enough drive to begin. Ultimately, this post is directed towards me, but shareable for you.

Repeat after me: Every day is New Years Eve.

Here are some tips that you need to take in order for your "New Year, New Me" to actually be a success:

I'd recommend a journal. Become committed to it.  Write in it every.single. day. Everyday.

I'm not a professional at the new year, new me agenda,  but I do know that there must be several changes in my life. My stage needs to be cleared and rebuilt. It was a little shameful that I almost considered January 1st to begin whatever it was that I wanted to begin.

TIP #1
Elaborate on your productivity for the day. Tell your journal everything that you did and what you would like to do for the next day. Don't check up on your writing every day,  try it every month and see your monthly growth.

TIP #2
Create a vision board. If you prefer words over pictures, create a story board. I learned as I had my vision board for several months that it wasn't inspiring or even motivating me. I love pictures when I'm going out to eat and the menu is filled with them, but words leave a lasting impression in my mind.

TIP #3
Find an accountability partner. Someone who is stern and ensures that you will push through what you set out to do. If you're like, God or whatever, you're probably perfect and don't need outside motivation. For little people like myself,  it's very encouraging, uplifting and very much appreciated.

And finally,

TIP #4  
Become the person you know you can be. Wow, that's your final point?  Really? Yes. Take a moment and figure out what this "new me" person  you desire to be is like. The more you understand the details, the easier it is to become. Heads up, don't compare your future self with someone else's current self. Really fall in love with who you know you can be. They say you have to love yourself before you can love someone else. Well, what are you waiting for ???

I have nothing against people who declare that the new year will bring a new lifestyle. Except, I would rather encourage you to follow through and not give up after January 10th. It's easy to join a trend, but even easier to fall off once the trend dies down.

Don't make your life a trend; they always fade away.

On a happier note, Have a wonderful time bringing in the New Year. Stay blessed and know that you are highly favored and loved. I love you all for following me on this journey. May the new day, new year, new moon and new sun bring you love, joy, happiness, strength and wisdom.

Until Next Year!
Saphia Louise