You Create Your Success: Chatting with Edmond Laryea

A Look into The Life of CBS Broadcast Associate: Edmond Laryea

A typical day at football practice ended with a plot twist. Former Rutgers linebacker Edmond Laryea found himself on the field with a sudden pain, ultimately learned that he tore his ACL.

A depressing and lonely time that took a heavy toll mentally for Laryea. Unwillingly losing 20 pounds, purposely avoiding interaction with people and crying to himself on few occasions, yet he found himself back on the field. Until, it happened again. Laryea tore his ACL for the second time during practice, but this time, it gave him a feeling of renewal. 

“I was overwhelmed with the fact that it happened again,” said Laryea. “I was more mature and better suited for it, so I came back stronger and flipped a negative to a positive.”

Laryea didn’t allow this to be a setback for his career but told himself that he’d overcome it all and ended the season on a positive and high note. Now a Broadcast Associate for CBS, he is determined not to allow any obstacles to get the best of him, but instead, be a ladder towards success.

As he retraces the steps through the road of his life’s journey, a sense of accomplishment fills his face. His muscular physique dressed in a dapper suit, he wonders if he is dressed appropriately for the occasion. His eyes remain focused and pierced as if he is looking onto a movie screen of the Laryea Story, as the words flow effortlessly from his memory. 

Most people know that football is a tough sport, but for Laryea, he experienced it from the side of becoming physically injured, which put a halt on his football career. For Laryea, it allowed him to weigh out his options and embrace growth along with the change. 

“As I got older, my body doesn’t respond the way I want it to,” said Laryea. “But mentally I was becoming wiser and I was becoming more knowledgeable.”

After graduating from Rutgers, Laryea soon landed a job as a high school football coach. Being a driven person, he knew this was not the end for him. 

“If you can get me in the door, I’ll take care of the rest”, he told his athletic director who happened to be connected with CBS—where he currently works. Laryea started at CBS working weekends and logging college football and NFL games. 

“These were the steps that I needed to take to get me where I’m at,” said Laryea.

He now finds himself creating stronger goals for his life and his confidence proves that he will achieve them. As far as playing football again, Laryea believes that he is beyond that stage in life.

“But like Michael Jordan returning to the game after he said that he retires, you just never know what can happen years from now,” Laryea said. “I’m in a different space mentally.”

Within the next year, he plans to shift from behind the scenes at CBS onto the next level and become an on-air personality. It doesn’t stop there for Laryea. His goal with working at CBS is to become Vice President. 

“I think success is setting a goal for yourself and acquiring that goal,” said Laryea. “I just want to run the show.”

Outside of working for CBS, Laryea has always had a strong mentality and determination to be the best that he could be. With people like Otis Livingston and Chris Carlin that he looks to as mentors, Laryea believes the greatest advice he’s received was to work hard and be passionate at what you do. 

Of course, his most significant inspiration and motivation comes from his mother who tells him to work hard and be patient.

Laryea’s mother was born in Nigeria but later moved to Italy for a better life. Laryea and his younger sister were both born in Italy and lived there for 10 years. As a foreigner, he sees no valid reason in not taking advantage of the vast amount of opportunities that this country offers. 

“We have chances and there’s a lot of flexibility,” said Laryea. “I was going to be able to do what she did times ten because I was able to get an education, be in the U.S. and exposed to different things that she wasn’t exposed to.”

Aside from working at CBS, Laryea never lost his love for working out. Between his weekly work travels, he plans to set aside three months of “no-days-off” to get back into making his motivational videos for social sites like Youtube and Instagram. 

Through trial and error, Laryea has taught himself how to produce and edit his videos that he puts on the internet. 

“Put timetables on yourself, so that you can work at a certain pace,” said Laryea. 

His ability to work out has benefited him not only in the athletic arena, but he has an opportunity to create these workout videos and has seen people respond well and become motivated. 

Laryea believes that if you pick one thing and do it well, it will open the doors for many other things. That seems to be working for Laryea who speaks of his up and coming project of athletic apparel as well.

“I figure why not use the stuff that I’m good at,” said Laryea. “Create a brand and a business.”

Aside from working at CBS, avidly maintaining his health and physical appearance and building his brand, Laryea finds time to make sure that his faith is strong and continues to believe in Christ.

Laryea is a firm believer that all good things in his life are because of God.

“You know that he’s just preparing you for something,” Laryea said. “I’m supposed to be great and God already declared that.”

Every day in the life of Laryea isn’t always perfect, as some may assume. His encouraging words to keep going, even if you don’t see a result or reward at the end, is not only advice for others but applicable for himself as well.

“You have to believe in yourself and be consistent,” said Laryea.

If there were four pieces of advice that Laryea could leave anyone that he encounters, it would be to declare your goal, work at it, be passionate about it and most importantly, be patient.

“You create your success and then you can see it,” said Laryea, who is about to enter his next season by building his apparel brand and working to reach Vice President level at CBS. “It’s all on you.” 
Saphia Louise