5 Quotes That Will Keep You Motivated

"Do What You Have To Do Until You Can Do What You Want To Do"- Oprah Winfrey

When I first watched "Being Mary Jane," I thought that the writer, Mara Brok Akil, had been creeping in my house. In 2014, I started something new on my instagram of "100 Days of Inspiration." I'd write inspirational sayings on yellow-stickies and place them against cool backdrops, then post them. That's sort of how Mary Jane's character was--and myself--with stickies all over the house to encourage inspiration and motivation.

For me, inspiration comes from any and everywhere. Preferably, I like quotes over photos as far as a source to motivate. I've tried the Vision Board thing for several months and it really didn't work much for me. 

So, here are some of my top 5 quotes, and ones that I've recently come across, that help motivate me through the days:

1. No successful human has ever reached any heights without having a clear vision of their future.

I recently heard this quote as I was listening to my motivation playlist on Spotify. I begin with this quote mainly because it's super important to have a vision in order to stay motivated. We wake up in the morning and most of us have jobs or school to attend, and often times true motivation is not what wakes us up. For some people it's the norm and there's no other choice. But whether you are working in a field that is not satisfying to you and is only temporary, you need a vision of where you want to eventually be. Your vision will lead you. Have a vision! Know where it is that you want to go. That regular routine is your comfort zone and if your vision is in your comfort zone, remind yourself : that is not your vision! I'll give a cheat bonus quote here: The only thing worse than being blind, is having sight but no vision. -Helen Keller

2. Today could be the day that I turn my world upside down for the better.

Imagine knowing that every day you can change your life. You didn't know that? Welp, you're welcome. The only thing stopping us from escalating to the levels we wish to reach in life is...well, us.. You. How do we sit with the fact that we are stopping ourselves from growing and achieving all that God has put us on this earth to do. If you had a reminder every day that TODAY could be THAT day, I think eventually you would start making some serious moves.

3. Make sure that dash is not empty in between the two dates of your life.

I recently came across something where this individual said we have two very important dates in our lives. The day we are born and the day we die. Why is the day we die important? Well, because it determines whether we have truly lived. You've heard the saying "are you living or just existing?" When I hear that, it really makes me question my life decisions. With this quotes saying make sure that dash is not empty, represents the space in between your birth and death. Of course, nobody wants to think about death. I always tell myself, and God, "The day I reach your throne, I want to say that I have nothing. I have nothing left remaining in me because I've used all that you have given me while on earth." Use what you have wisely. If you don't believe in yourself, fake it until you do. We, especially creatives, have a tendency to doubt ourselves more than we should.

4. Don't give up on a dream because of the amount of time that it takes.

Can I be honest? Okay, we all have the same 24 hours in a day, but just because you see an "overnight celebrity" or someone living the life that you desire, it doesn't mean it only took them 24 hours to accomplish it. You should never, ever, ever base your goals and desires on what someone else has. That's the first mess up. Secondly, don't worry about how long it is going to take and what people may think about your pace. Always keep in mind, the journey is far more important than the result. Trust me. Think about school: the experiences you had, the people you met, the lessons you learned--and then graduation. It's an awesome accomplishment, but had you walked into school one day and got your diploma or degree, it probably would not have felt the same. The same goes for relationships. You don't meet someone one day, say I love you the next and break up the third day and be utterly heart broken. Granted, that is possible for some hopeless romantics, but it's pretty rare. My point is, life is about the experience. When we get things easily, we lose passion and love for it. Treasure that dream and the time it took you to invest in it. I

and last, but not least:


There is something so powerful in someone encouraging you. Like I said before, we often doubt ourselves and our quality. For me, I criticize myself so much that when an outsider begins to encourage and uplift me, I still don't believe it--not right away at least. Yet, a part of me takes what they say long after and dwells on it and tries hard to believe and apply it. So when someone tells you "You got this" there may be a hint of doubt, which is understandable,  but know that they mean it. But, telling yourself everyday, no matter what the circumstance is, no obstacle will stop you from getting what you were set out to achieve. YOU GOT THIS. 

I hope these are helpful to you. Write them down, whether it be in a book or on stickies. Just make sure that it's something you're going to see every.single.day. Not once a week or once a month. These quotes as well as other inspiring words, can help you in accomplishing your goals. 

Stay motivated. Share with me any of your faves! 

The purpose of it all is just to BELIEVE that you can--after that, you're halfway there.

Saphia Louise