Radical Self Love Recap Jan 9-Jan 15

Radical Self Love Challenge

Day 9: JUMP!

Prompt : Action shot time! Get some air and show us your best jumping photo. This can take some practice, so don’t feel bad if you don’t get it on the first try… But at least it’s fun to attempt!
Listening to "Shut Up and Dance" by Walk The Moon, I decided it was time to jump. Please laugh. I don't mind. This was fun, made me feel like a kid again! Try it out. You dont necessarily have to photograph yourself, but I'd say just go for it. Get a little laugh. You're welcome

Day 10: What does your journal look like? 

I am a hoarder when it comes to books to write in. I absolutely love them, especially if there is a quote in the front. If you ever want to give me a gift, I'd really appreciate books. So I've had journals ever since I can remember. This isn't even half of my collection. I hide some of them that are ancient, so this is what I CAN give you right now! Do you have journals? What do you write in them? I'd love to know... I usually write about my feelings, my day or poetry. Some journals are also when I have my personal bible study.

Day 11: If I know you — and I think I do! — you love to read. 

So, I read a lot. I also purchase books and they sit and wait for months. Books are the greatest invention! The last book I finished reading was "When God Doesn't Fix It" by Laura Story. I don't know if I can say this when referring to that book, but AMAZE-BALLS. I started reading that book in the midst of reading "Americanah" and I had to pause Americanah. It's a book about faith and trusting that your circumstances are just training to strengthen you for the greater that is to come. It was so helpful. A friend lent me the book so it was super-duper hard not to mark it up. (*Goes out to purchase it for myself*)  
I don't necessarily have a favorite book, yet. Each book that I reach, I always find another that I either love just the same or better. I don't really have many favorites and I think I want to change that. That's another story. Other books that are currently on my waiting list: 1. God Where Is My Boaz, 2. Damn Good Advice, 3. When God Writes Your Love Story, 4. Gentlewomen 

Day 12: ROYGBIV it up! 
Go in search of a rainbow and share what you find. 

So I saw a rainbow the other day, but I was on the ferry and it went away so quickly that I couldn't snap a photo. Therefore, I am cheating and posting a photo of a rainbow I found on the internet. Haha Because I want to be on an island right now, I chose this one. It was actually a tough decision, so many rainbows!


I know that I just said I don't have many favorites. But, when I think of someone who inspires me and someone whose work I can watch all day, it would definitely have to be Rudy Francisco. I enjoy his poetry because it varies. He talks about social justice, love, relationships, pain and so much more. This isn't my favorite poem by him, it's an oldie, but it's amazing!

Day 14: TBT

Don't ask any questions, but yeah. I'm not sure what was happening on this day, but I just love the two baby curls my mom decided to put in a barrette. 

Day 15:

I think that when people think of love, we join it to relationships. Love goes beyond having an emotion towards someone that you have known for a long period in life. I believe that when you do all things with love, you are experiencing and getting more out of life. Also, helping others to see the greatness and beauty of life. Whether it's showing gratitude to someone who opens the door for you. If you work at a deli and make a sandwich for someone, show them that you made it with love (shout out to the man who didn't even put mayonnaise on my sandwich) I admit, sometimes it is hard, but at the end of the day, once I project love I feel 10x better.

Sorry for the delay! Share with me some of your favorites!

Saphia Louise