#RadicalSelfLove: Jan 4 - My Idol(s)

Is there someone that you know that you consider an idol? Or forms a longing in your heart for you to emulate their character.

Prompt: MY IDOL
Who do you really admire and why? Share a photo of the person who you’d most like to resemble in your daily life. Then ask yourself, what attributes do they possess that you’d like to blessed with too? How can you embody some of those qualities today?

Honestly, this was a tough question for me. It makes me think back to maybe two or three years ago when I was a "die-hard" Beyonce fan. My friends could tell you how much I backed that woman up as if she was the one who put me onto this earth. As I got older, and mainly began my walk with God, I realized that I couldn't idolize Beyonce anymore.

So, if I would say that I had any idol it would be Jesus. However, I'd say that there is an idol I have here on earth. Someone who has taught me valuable lessons even though they aren't aware of it. Someone who is strong, independent, motivated, encouraging and uplifting. I wouldn't label this person as an idol, but more like someone who I can turn to and genuinely appreciate their feedback.

Shucks, as I am writing this, I am thinking of two people actually that fit the same description.

The attributes that they possess inspire me to be a better woman.

For Ashley, it's her desire to empower women at all times. Her passion for success and her knowledge of who she is, her value and becoming a more confident woman every day.

 For Jameelah, it's her loving heart for her children and her family. She is my big sister and has always taught me to embrace peace and love within myself. I have witnessed her growth from a young lady into the beautiful mother that she has become. If Gods will is for me to become a mother in the future, I would certainly want for her qualities to be passed down to me.

Is there anyone in your life who you consider to be an idol, or just an encouraging spirit? I want to know about them and why they inspire you!

Saphia Louise