#RadicalSelfLove: Jan 6 : I Want To Go To

Wanderlust:  (noun) A strong desire to travel

Prompt: I Want To Go To...
Where’s your dream location? What’s your favorite place in the whole world? Show us a picture and tell us why it’s so inspiring to you. Is it the color, the atmosphere, the people? Let us know.

I guess that you can say I am a self-proclaimed wanderlust. But, aren't we all in some way or the other?  I think about traveling every second that I get. Once, I spoke to a man who asked me if I lived in New York all of my life and I told him that I had. His response, "get out."

He said that I need to just get away and experience a new atmosphere, meet new people, learn about different cultures. I was immediately in agreement with him because this has been such a desire of my own for--as long as I can imagine.

To be able to leave one destination, step onto a plane for a few hours and end up in a totally different place. Ugh! I have to fight the urge not to press "book it" on these travel websites and it almost kills me. I believe that everyone should have at least one place that they want to get away to. After that first feeling you get from traveling out of your ordinary environment, it ignites a new addiction that's so reviving.

So far, I've traveled to a few places within the states and to Jamaica, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Panama, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Canada. BUT, I know that there is so much more out there for me, I just know it!

My ultimate goal is to travel the world. When I watched "Eat, Pray, Love," it encouraged just about every area of my life that needs undivided attention and good-loving. 

Eat- filling oneself with new cultures, new people, new environment and obviously different foods
Pray- I believe that constant communication with the Lord is important for a pure and fresh life. 
Love- The first and greatest commandment. Love is evident in all things, you must seek and find it in all things.

So here are my top two places that I want to travel to within the year 2016.


They say that Dublin has the friendliest people.
The "cold greenland" but there are actually beaches there.
Stunning mountain views..
That's just the basics.

People always ask me why do I want to go there and as cliche as my response is, I wholeheartedly embrace it. One of my favorite movies is "P.S. I Love You" This film takes place here and after watching it, I was just sucked in and decided, I need to visit Ireland. Recently, a friend of mine who traveled there told me that there's a P.S. I Love You tour that they offer, but don't go on it because it doesn't give the true Ireland feel. Yet, she said that if she could she would move there. So, once I get my foot back in the door, I will be traveling here this year, God willing.

Each of these destinations that I want to visit, I'd like to stay a minimum of 10 days.

The next place is :


I honestly want to visit Thailand and stay for at least a month. I read this article from a fellow blogger who was recently divorced and decided to take a trip to Thailand. Originally, she planned to stay for two weeks. At the end of the day, she moved there because it was the perfect life to her. She found new love and remarried. Not saying that I want to go to Thailand for love or anything like that.

Also, I am an extremely picky eater. It's something I just can't control. However, I feel like when I visit Thailand I am going to allow my mouth the dance with the food. I read a few places that the food is amaze-balls. I just want to go there and explore the culture, thrift shop, let the warm weather sink into my pores, discover the cities and the people and although I identify with Christian religion, I'd definitely like to learn more about their Buddhist heritage.

These are places that I would like to visit outside of the country (U.S), but I would love to visit other places like:

San Diego, California
San Francisco, California
Antelope Canyon, Arizona
Yellowstone National Park
Niagara Falls, Canada
New Orleans
Las Vegas

So, by December 2016, let's hope that I've visited at least half of these places or more!

Saphia Louise