#RadicalSelfLove: Jan 7- Favorite Flower

Oh, it's a sun-shiney day!

Prompt: Favorite Flower   
You might find it challenging to narrow this down, but do your best! Hunt out your favorite flower and show us what makes them so special to me.

For me, this is simple. If you are a follower of my blog or instagram, you know that I have a special place in the pit of my heart for Sunflowers. I wasn't always a lover of sunflowers. In fact, I never had a favorite flower for many years.

One year, my ex-boyfriend sent me flowers to my job and there were a variety of flowers. I loved them all because of their appearance, but I had the urge to research their significance.

Although the others were beautiful and had special meanings behind them like friendship, love and loyalty, I was stuck on the sunflower.

The simple significance behind sunflowers is that they symbolize adoration, longevity and loyalty. That's not all. These flowers are known for being happy flowers and bring joy to a persons life. Every time that I see a sunflower, my heart starts bouncing and I get excited. It's weird because I've grown up seeing them and never felt that way. They are also used as a religious symbol. One of the tallest flowers that reach towards the sun, reflecting it's positive characteristics.

What's YOUR favorite flower?

Saphia Louise