#RadicalSelfLove- Jan 8: Adorn Yourself

Let My LOVE Adorn You

It’s dress up day! Wear something that makes you feel amazing today and let us know all about it. Alternatively, you can share a photo of yourself when you felt your best. What was it that made you feel so good on that day and why?

For many women, clothes make you feel happy and lifts your spirit up. I love to hang around in sweat pants and sneakers or simply jeans and a t-shirt. There are times when I like to dress up, but my regular style is so simple. Dressing up doesn't adorn me. The thing that adorns me is smiling.

Joy comes from the inside and happiness is adjusted by the environment. When I understand and see that no matter the circumstance, I can still smile, that makes me feel more beautiful than anything. 

Saphia Louise