The Art of Letting Go

Have you ever played Tug-of-War? 

I remember when I attended CYO Camp when I was between eight and ten years old. We played so many games back then, but tug-of-war was one of my favorites. It tested my strength and helped me to focus on the goal. I knew that if I put effort into the pull, along with the others on my team, we'd receive the prize.  In short, the prize was the other team falling into the mud, or whatever was in the middle to indicate that you lost.

When I played this game, I didn't always win. Of course, when you win it was a moment to celebrate. After all of that hard work, you finally received what you expected. But just like life, you don't always get what you fight for.

I remember being the one to either let go of the rope or be dragged into the middle of the losing pit. At times it was depressing because I could have sworn that we were winning.

Other times, I wasn't as upset or discouraged because there was art in letting go. There was a feeling of peace knowing how hard we fought and held on.

Today, I have witnessed so many people let go. Letting go of their dreams. Letting go of hope. Letting go of trust. Letting go of relationships. Some let go because they had just thrown the towel in and given up.

Others, because they've fought so hard and just had come to the realization that holding on was more detrimental than letting go. 

The Art of Letting Go.

For me, I am letting go of fear. I am letting go of the idea of what once was while facing the fact that it may never be that way again. I am letting go of false hope. I am letting go of hurt & pain. I am letting go of what's holding me back from being the best me that I know how to be.

I encourage you today to allow the moment you let go to be a form of art.

Sometimes you have to let go of something in order for it to inspire you to create better.

Saphia Louise