10 Minute Mugs: It's Tea Time! Or, Coffee If You're Into That Thing

(Photo by Elizabeth, Destination Decoration)

Everyone knows that I love me some tea.

When I was a little girl I loved it because I was able to put pounds of sugar in it. But, we all know that's definitely not the healthiest way to drink tea. (But who really likes to be healthy as a child?!)

I have so many different mugs and my best friend even bought me a new mug from Curacao that I absolutely love to drink my tea from. BUT, other times, I can't find a mug that fits my mood. And yes, a mug  design should reflect how I feel.

Sometimes I just want to create my own! Don't you?


I came across Elizabeth, the author of Destination Decoration, who specializes in making crafting easy for people like you and me. She created her very first e-book and I was able to review it!

10-Minute Mugs: Tutorials, tips, tricks and designs to help you make beautiful mugs in a flash.

If you're anything like me, you'll see a mug online and toss it into the shopping cart and then once you realize the price you're just like...ummm, maybe next time!

After reading this e-book, I was inspired, excited and ready to get my craft on--for cheap! No, really. I am sitting at work anxious to go out and buy mugs and loads of tea. *Calms self down*

There are many different resources online that help with designing your own mugs, but the thing about this book is that it is very detailed and fun to read and hello, you don't have to click 1000 links because literally, everything is right there. Seriously.

She gives tutorials for sharpie mugs, glitter mugs,marble nail polish mugs(oh my!) and much more. You have to read it yourself, can't give you all of her goodness just yet!

For starters, the Table of Contents was very informative for someone who did not know what type of designs they'd be learning to do on their own.

I love how fun the book was and humorous. Elizabeth gives everything from color combination suggestions, tells where you can buy the mugs and her tips and tricks are really-really helpful. I haven't even started and I know that this guide will be so useful and beneficial once I begin.

It's definitely a fun and informative book. Just know, you will start seeing mug designs on my blog in the future. I'm not ashamed.

Check out her site and get the book for yourself! It's $18 and worth it.

Saphia Louise