Are You Getting the Right Advice?

Girllllll, Listen to Me!

Here's the thing about me. I like to keep my life private. You can look at me and just see that I am about to burst because I keep so many things so hidden inside. Ever so often, I need to release. I need someone, outside of my head (I've told you all before about the people that live in my head), to give me clarity. Someone that can save me from my own thoughts. Then, there are also times when I just want to release and receive NO feedback in return. It's not that easy. As humans, we always want to speak more than we want to listen. So the urge to give feedback is a battle in itself that some of us fight. I'm grateful that I know the difference, when someone comes to me and talks about something personal, I know when to sit back and listen and then give my opinion.

So, lately I've been dealing with some tough decisions. In all honesty, I feel like that's just my life. A bowl full of tough decisions. It's like having a bowl of cereal and trying to find sugar grains in the milk. Too much work, I'll pass.

In this day and age, we have grown to be more open with our lives. From social media platforms to blogging. Everything is about sharing what's going on in life. I went onto Twitter the other day and I posted something about how when I used to do my excessive tweeting, it felt therapeutic. I didn't write my thoughts to anyone specific, but I felt good releasing it into the atmosphere. As if my 1000 diaries were doing a bad job.

I saw this image(above) and it made me think. When you are going through something and friends, family, church members, the homeless guy that you meet on the train, are they all giving you the right advice or just advice that they possibly needed to hear themselves? Or maybe since we're used to people expressing themselves on social platforms and freely being able to give our opinion, maybe we're now self-proclaimed psychologist.

In the end, I have learned that it's okay to listen to the advice of others, but sometimes you have to be very careful when you're ready to apply it. Everyone will think that they know what's going on in your life, but not everyone is aware of the very moments that happen in your life. Friends, family, pastors, that online video that you always watch when times get hard and confusing, they're all there to help you. They want the best for you(at least some do). It's important to make them feel appreciated. However, it's important to always ultimately make the decision based on what you know you deserve, need and want.

Need advice? Go to a friend. Need good advice, go to God.

Psalms 33:4
For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does. 

No shade, my friends. No shade. Only God knows what's best for you (sometimes, not even you know)

Saphia Louise