How To Live With People- 1 Year Later

I have always, always loved my solitude. 

There's just something about being able to enjoy your own company and sulk in the peace and quite---or if you're loud and rowdy on your own, so be it.

When I first moved out of my mothers house, back in 2011, an entirely new world was introduced to me. I lived alone with a peace of mind. No children running around. No brother going through my room when I was gone and stealing my socks. Man, the beauty of it all. The privacy! God was really looking out for me when He helped me to move.

But then, I moved back home. It's officially 1 year now since I moved back home. Honestly, I didn't think I'd be here for so long--but sometimes you just never know how life is going to go.

Since moving back home and now that I am older, I've learned a few things that I MUST carry with me in order to keep my sanity. Now, do I forget those tips from time to time? Yes. Of course. Living in a house with a mother whose preference of speaking is to have her volume turned all the way up, younger sisters that are 7 and 9 years old who either want to explore my room/make-up/clothes or life, and the brother who comes over and does the same thing he did in the past. Did I just vent? Maybe.

I was browsing the internet, in the midst of my more than occasional writers-block mode, and I saw a topic idea that I could relate to. I'm no professional when it comes to the perfect way to live with people. Aside from my family, I've also had two roommates--but that was back when I went to college at St. John's University.

So, these are my 5, unprofessional, tips on how to live with other humans.


If you've never been much of a book person, pick one up. Drown yourself in the life of a made-up character. No, don't consider reading the captions on a persons Instagram post as your daily read. Throw on some headphones and get lost. It helps to keep your sanity, trust me.


When you are living with other people, it's imperative that you know how to communicate with each other. You may dislike some things that they do or their way of living--and vice versa, because we know you are not perfect. Maybe you're living with someone who doesn't buy simple things like toilet paper, communicate that to them before you're angry or annoyed. Maybe they invade your privacy. Communicate it to them.


This carries on from #3. It's honestly self-explanatory. No one wants to come home and feel violated. No one. At the same time, respect others as well. It can be a happy home if you keep your things in your area and if you don't touch anyone's items without asking. 


Super important. Your energy is like a perfume. Have you ever walked by a man/woman who smelled like they took a bath in 1000 ounces of perfume/cologne? You're affected by that, no? I know that I am. Not in a good way. If you are positive, happy and easy to get along with, then life is so much easier. I think that people tend to forget that we are the pilot of our happiness. We are in control of what we allow to tick us off and what we gracefully walk over. Create it and Live it.

5. If you are not a people person, Tip: Just Don't Live With People

This is a joke, but I am serious. Some people want cheap rent so they will decide to live with 5 other people (Life of a New Yorker). However, they don't like people. Don't entrap others in that kind of environment. Selfish! You need to live alone, or adjust your mood.

Honestly, living with people can be fun and difficult. Two(*or more) different personalities combined into one living environment, things can get rough. Stick it out. It can be an amazing experience!

Let me know of some of your tips. 

Saphia Louise