In The Streets of SoHo, New York

Taking Pictures in New York

It's been a long, long time since I've stood behind someones camera for an actual photoshoot. Social Media has really grown as far as the aspect of allowing you to network. I came across this photographer who takes primarily portrait shots. I started to follow him because I thought his work was pretty dope. Later on, he reached out to me to take pictures. Can I admit that I was nervous? I almost cancelled because I couldn't think of what to wear. I remember the struggle back in the days whenever I had photoshoots. I always thought I had to go over the top with my outfits. Lord, if you see some of the pictures I've taken in the past. lol.

Instead, I decided to go more on the minimalist side with this shoot. Be myself. Have fun. I said to the photographer, Stephen, "This is probably going to be the most awkward photoshoot ever."

When I say I am so over New York, man! But, we had a really nice day on Saturday so I was happy about that. Still, this weather is so confused. California, are you ready for me?!

Sidenote: I want to post all of the photos everywhere  lol I love them so much!

Photography by: Stephen Ceneus


+Stephen Ceneus

IG: @Stephenceneus

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