Not On My Watch: Back To God

A friend of mine has this website that was inspired to begin praying for artists that are within the hip hop industry. Often times she asks friends and family to share a devotion. There are powerful messages to be read and you should certainly check it out here

Here is an excerpt from the devotional that I shared on her blog: BACK TO GOD

I have a short story to tell. 

One day I thought the odds were against me as I was making my way to class. I left outside of my house and realized mid-walk that I had not refilled my metro card. My option was to either withdraw money from an ATM and pay the fee, or walk all the way to the the train station and refill my metro card there. I chose the latter option. On my way there, I wanted to turn around and go home. It was hot. I was already running late. I was just allowing my current circumstances to affect my outlook on the day.

I finally make my way across the ferry and get to the R train to take it into Brooklyn. After standing there for a few minutes, an announcement said that the R trains were not going into Brooklyn and that I’d have to go further into Manhattan in order to get to Brooklyn. Bothered,  again. I walk up to the train information stand and she told me the opposite of the announcement,  which later turned out to be wrong information.

Long story short, I grew tired of waiting and walked up the steps from the platform. There I stood, confused and bothered and pulled out my book to read off my frustration. Suddenly, a “homeless” man approached me. I was hoping he wouldn’t ask for money because I had no cash on me. Instead, he asked for a lighter and I replied that I don’t smoke.

This conversation turned into him asking about my book, which later turned into a conversation about faith and God. In that moment, I thought I was going into a conversation with a man who was homeless and spiritually lost. I prepared my heart to spread God’s love to him because maybe he needed it. Little did I know or expect, he was an extremely intelligent man with a smile that was filled with the love of God. .... Read more at NOMW2618
Saphia Louise