Time: The essence of quality vs quantity

January 31, 2016
1:09 P.M

I remember as a little girl, time was always something so foreign.

A minute seemed like forever when your parents said wait for five minutes. The pace of life was slowly passing by. At what point in our lives did we lose the concept of time ? At what point did we allow time to control us and our way of thinking? From embracing moments, we suddenly preach about how much our time is valuable and we can't waste it. It's like we predict the future and automatically know the unknown is not worthy of our "time."  It's hard to digest how fast time is flying, but is that because society has embedded that idea into our heads?

On my commute to work, I pulled out my diary and began to journal my thoughts. Realized it was January 31st, February's Eve. I don't know about anyone else, but this year is moving way too fast. So I'm thinking about how I can alter my thoughts from focusing not on the time that passes, but the quality of life that I put into that time.

Just a random thought.

Happy February!
May it be a month of quality.
Saphia Louise