Why I Don't Eat Onions #Story-Time [Beware of the GIFS]

Those who know me, are probably already laughing as they read the title of this post. Yeah, I don't like you. 

It's common for us to dislike foods because they're healthy for us, so our body automatically says no. At least in my case it does. Well, that's half of the reason why I never liked onions. The other half, ha! 

I used to always go with my friends to church on Sunday morning when I was a little girl. I'd either spend the night at their house, even though I lived right downstairs, or I'd come to their house in the morning. This particular morning, I was home and came to their house before we headed out to church. Typical, nothing out of the ordinary here.

So, I make my way back up to their house and everyone happens to be sitting at the table waiting on me. They were finished with their breakfast and their mother asked if I wanted pancakes..Pancakes? Of course! Who wouldn't want a nice plate of pancakes for breakfast.

At this moment, I began to worry. I had my plate of pancakes on the table with a side of green slime. Still till this day I do not know what that green stuff was, but it looked like slime mixed with green  vomit. On top of that, my friends were all still at the table--watching me at this point. But, I paid no mind and just tossed on that syrup and got ready to dive in..

And that's when it happened. The onions. The onions were in.side.of.my.pancakes!!!!

I just couldn't understand why someone would do such a harsh act and nearly kill me. I couldn't believe it! I gagged. I wanted to cry(between you and me, I shed a few tears). Don't eat it, is what you're probably thinking, right? HA! If only it were that simple. 

My friends mother was Jamaican and there was NO WAY I could waste food. If I couldn't eat it, I should not have taken it. Simple as that.

So now, I'm sitting there looking at my horrible friends( I believe my brother was there also) and just so disappointed and upset with them!!!

But they're sitting there-----LAUGHING! They were laughing hysterically and mocking me. They knew that I hated onions. They knew there were onions in the pancakes. Would they warn a sister? NOPE! They wanted to laugh at my pain. Sitting there all giddy like:

while I'm begging someone to eat it or take it away like:

I definitely wanted to give up on life completely. There was no point anymore lol. Either life or the onions. Fortunately, I chose the onions and I'm still alive.

BUT I still hate onions and will never trust anyone who stares at me with an evil grin while I eat my food.

Share your horrible food story with me! I'd love to know what foods you don't eat and if a funny/terrible story comes along with it.

That's all Folks!

Saphia Louise