3 "Manly" Things To Do With Your Boyfriend

Let's Be Honest, Guys Don't Really Like Chic Flicks. Kidding, They Love It!
They're just afraid of admitting it. I can see you now(men), sitting here reading this while The Notebook plays in the background.

But seriously. Most men are willing to endure the painful moments of girly things with their women just to please her. It's not too often that women are willing to reciprocate. Watching sports with them isn't really a pass either because chances are you know 0% of what's going on. At least if you're going to force yourself to watch the game, scream at the TV like you know what's going on. Fake it until you make it!

1. Work Out, Girl!

Disclaimer: so we know, working out is not just a man thing. We're in the age where women are in control of their body. I mean, let me re-word that. We have always been in control. We are in the age where women are working out and getting fit because WE(or they) want to. It's not just a mans sport or casualty. However, there are some women who really just do not like working out. They don't like to sweat. They complain that weights or exercises are too much. But after male review, it's something that a guy would love for his girlfriend to take part in. Just remember, leave the nagging complaints at home for after!

2. Build Something

Not just your normal DIY project. Surprise your guy with some tools, wood and get to work! Men like to feel like they're the big boss handyman, able to make something out of nothing. It could be a cool date night at home to build a shed or something together. While doing it, he can feel good about himself as he teaches you the ins-and-outs of carpentry. And hey, even if he has no idea what he is doing, make him feel good about it at least.

3. Go Fishing....or Hunt!

I firmly believe that sometimes people don't really know what they like unless they try it. Yes, that is coming from the pickiest person with food ever. Anyway---try going fishing or hunting with your beau. Maybe they never mentioned fishing, or even hunting, but it's okay to be suggestive and try out new things. Not for nothing, they hold our bags and sit with us in hair salons--a few stinky fish won't hurt you!

The whole point? Show your man that you can do "manly" things without a sweat! 

Have fun! Any other ideas, let me know! 

Video Games
Watching Sports
Play fighting (take a boxing class together)
Play Football/Basketball -sports together

Saphia Louise