Let the Countdown Begin | Haiti, March 2016

"God has a way. You need to know that whatever you need Him to do, God can!"

I haven't spoken much about my trip on my blog, but as the days approach quicker than I can blink, the reality sets in. 

In November, I made the decision to apply for a mission trip with Times Square Church. To be honest, it wasn't as well thought-out, more so a move of faith. I went on the interview in January and was selected to go. Originally, I applied to go to Haiti for the June trip. However, due to the need for more people in March, they asked if I can attend then.

Long story short, I knew that I probably couldn't afford the $1500 within a month and a half time. But, I had faith that God would provide. Even now, I still haven't fully paid off my trip, but that's one thing that has given me the chance to turn to God not only for him to provide, knowing that He is already working it out, but just to work on my trust in Him, to build the relationship that we currently have and to let go of worries. I am a worrier. It's pretty much in my blood. I was diagnosed with chronic worry syndrome. Now that we've got that out of the way.

In 9 days, I will be on a plane to Haiti. I've traveled a lot in the past, but this trip is different. Something I have been passionate about for many years is coming to fruition. I never knew why the yearning to serve God in this manner was always on my heart, but I couldn't help it. I can't wait to experience Haiti and God's people there and see God move. I pray that God will use me and my team and that our only preparation is to be drawn closer to him in order to be prepared. 

I haven't been posting lately on my blog because my mind has been elsewhere. In life, we go through many obstacles and struggles. It's a different feeling once you accept Christ and begin this walk with Him because now you know that when you suffer, it is a sacrifice that you are suffering for Christ. So, in order to truly know the Lord, I believe we have to accept all adversities that come our way, rather than run away from them & miss the purpose. 

So with that, I feel like the enemy has found all of my weak points and has just been poking me with his torch. I admit, I fell short many times. Instead of calling on God right away, I tried to figure things out on my own. Story-of-my-life. From doubts about whether or not I should even be going on a trip to fill someone with God's love/grace when I myself feel empty myself to emotional rollercoasters in my personal life to financial burdens feeling as if the whole world is on my back. Today we held one of our weekly meetings for Haiti and I was encouraged and reminded that the devil is just doing his job. But God! God is way more powerful and has specifically appointed me and chosen me to go on this trip way before I made the decision to go.

For that, I am thankful and going to take the punches as they come--but I will fight back!  Thank you all for following my blog and keeping up with my life. I understand that at times "Life With Saph" can get dry and boring, so forgive me. 

Also, I will be blogging from the church BLOG while on the trip, 3 out of the 7 days that we're there, so you can look forward to that. It will be short updates about our time in Haiti. As for my blog updates, I will be writing, but they will not be posted until after my trip. .

Oh, yes! I've got 9 days if you feel it in your heart to donate to my trip, (Haiti, March 2016) it is way more than welcomed. Prayers and Donations are extremely appreciated. I can't begin to say how grateful I am for all that I have received for this trip thus far!

Until next time...

Saphia Louise