So You Know It's Real

When you meet new people, it's natural for us to wonder what their motive is.

Jesus = Jesus

Especially in this day and age. A majority of the time, a person may only be interested in you for their benefit, possibly an angle is attached.

With Jesus, it is different. When you read The Word, Jesus goes around telling people to follow Him. He doesn't initiate by giving an enticing speech about how amazing it's going to be if you follow Him or what will happen in the days to come and what YOU will receive from it. In fact, there are so many points in the bible where His disciples were lost and honestly, I think Jesus got a kick out of making them(us) struggle by refraining from explaining. Kidding.

 He simply is saying, Follow me because I am Jesus.

I was in the middle of my morning devotional and I was reminded that Jesus is who He says He is. There is no back game, there is no hidden secret or mystery. Jesus is the way and the truth.

When you give up your life to Jesus, people see it as an extreme measure that is taken and most of the time those that are not Christian see it as a foolish thing to do. Giving your life up, and what you believe is best for you, to someone who lived only to die for you and knows what is best for you before you can begin to imagine--if you ask me, I'm okay with that. If there's a possibility that He might be wrong, I trust Him enough to allow Him to take the wheel.

At this age, 26, I am stuck is the "HUH?WHAT?WHY?" stage of my life. What stage is that? Quickly, it is where I question everything that is going on in life because I don't know the answers. Yet, as stubborn as I am, I'm trying harder each day to really let go and give my life over to God for Him to be in control. Clearly, I've been reading the wrong manual of life.

Each day I have to learn to accept Him because I know that when I let go of the things that I hoard: distractions, desires, lustful thoughts--I know that on the other side of it all is Jesus. The one who loves me and is flat out with everything. Even when I don't allow myself to understand it.

 Lately, I've been sticking to this "Joy is greater than Happiness" theme of life. That's like my life equation. But having Faith in Jesus and knowing who He is, is far from an equation or formula that you need to struggle in order to figure out. Math was one of my favorite subjects growing up, but a lot of people can't say that. So simply put, there's no confusion, no need to doubt or hesitate, because on the other side of the equal sign, is Jesus.

Isaiah 41:10
Don't be afraid, for I am with you.
Don't be discouraged, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you and help you.
I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.

Saphia Louise