Sleep Mode: Why I Am Taking 2 Weeks Break

Consistency is key. Explore Consistency.

Lately I've been trying to get myself into the habit of reading more about blogging and creating my own brand and empire from my blog. Honestly, who would have thought there was so much to it!

It can be a little overwhelming sometimes. I'm sure if you've considered blogging or have been doing so for some time now, you've come across one of those "What I wish I knew before I started blogging" posts. Seriously, read those. Some are just blah--but they're also very helpful.

I started a YouTube back in 2002 I want to say? There have been many moments when I was super consistent and other times when people wondered if I was still alive. I enjoy making videos, recording my life and editing. It's somewhat of a passion that I've allowed the whispers of life to put on a constant pause.

However, with my blog, that's something I really try my hardest to refrain from doing. Having a blog, depending on your niche, is a bit more difficult to keep the attention of readers. You have to make sure your personality shines, but also make sure things aren't taken out of context. You have to figure out how to get a joke, idea or a thought out there without over-doing it with the story-telling.  Most importantly, you have to be so  very consistent that people want to come back for more just from looking at your words. Not for nothing, it's easier to just sit in front of a camera and smile.

 My heart bleeds writing. I've always enjoyed it. No, I'm not the best writer around--but I will make sure that before I leave this earth I manage myself to become better than I ever was. Like Jada Pinkett-Smith said, I don't compete with anyone but myself.

Well, the point of this post and the startling two week break is all to say that I will be on a hiatus until June 6th. I let out such a heavy breath just now because that sounds scary.

There are many factors that come with taking this break which are risky for a blogger:

1. Will my few loyal subscribers remain loyal?
2. The purpose is to learn to be consistent and create great content while on this break--will I do just that or become comfortable with the "free time"?
3. What will I learn from this experience?

I trust that I will be able to return with better content and a more focused mind that would allow me to believe that this is not just simply a blog, but a lifestyle.

I also want to get back in the hang of vlogging and taking photos--So, hopefully I have things for you to look forward to.

So, I will be back!

Until then, if you want to keep in touch, have questions/concerns/ideas, I will be checking emails often. Also, Instagram/Twitter are accessible.

See you in about two weeks.

P.S. This is post # 200!!!!!!

Saphia Louise