You Are A BADASS: Self-Help Book Of The Month

I read this book almost two years ago and not only did the boldness of the title catch the attention of commuters around me, but it was so encouraging and full of motivational quotes--which pretty much means it's a badass book that's worthy of being read more than one time.

The purpose of the book is to get you off your behind and stop doubting your greatness. Really, it kind of says that on the front cover.

So I decided to pick it back up recently after I saw someone post a photo of their own book online. Honestly, I didn't realize I put so many stickies on almost every page as a bookmark to return to in the future. (Call me the Queen of highlighting and note taking)

Now why would I want to hold out on all of this goodness?! Of course I am going to share it with you--duh!

Before I start, these are not like top 5 or 10 quotes from the entire book. I skimmed through my own bookmarks and found a few that were worthy enough to be shared and to encourage you to pick it up. And prepare yourself for the conversations that this will spark if you do purchase it!

Here We Go:

You're going to have to let go of old, limiting beliefs and cling to your decision to create the life you desire like your life depends on it. Because guess what? Your life does depend on it.

You have to change your thinking first, and then the evidence appears. Our big mistake is that we do it the other way around. We demand to see the evidence before we believe it to be true.

 Once you become aware of what your weak spots are, you can start to protect yourself against them.

You've gotten to where you are right now by doing whatever it is you're doing, so if you're less than impressed with your current situation, you clearly need to change things up.

Being in gratitude for the not-yet manifested informs The Universe that you know that what you desire already exists, and puts you at the right frequency to receive it. 

Once you understand that time, like the rest of your reality, is in your mind, you can make it work for you instead of being its slave.

Start noticing the things that drive you nuts about other people, and, instead of complaining or judging or getting defensive about them, use them as a mirror.

Honestly, that last one always hits me. I think I might write about that it the next post :)

I know a lot of people try to avoid self-help books, and trust me I feel the same way from time to time. This book is really just what you need to pump up your day/life. It's your move to allow the words to sink in and take action.

Saphia Louise