I Graduated! Woop, Woop! + What's Next?

My last semester of school was in February. 

So, waiting for graduation to finally come around seemed like forever.  I "walked the stage" yesterday and crossed the street into my next journey.

But, what really  IS the next journey for me?

For the longest time, I kept devaluing this achievement as something minor. In reality, I am the worst critic against myself. I know, aren't we all? I find it hard to embrace what I've achieved and easy to undervalue it all.

I didn't want to mention that I was graduating to anyone. It's only an Associates degree, I thought. My current job does not relate to my degree.I felt like it was just a drunken baby step rather than a milestone being hit.

Most of all, I didn't want to deal with the "What's next?" questions.

After walking the stage, something inside of me started to buzz. Having my friends and family there. Seeing the joy on the faces of all of the graduates. There was a feeling of contentment, yet drive. Something that reminded me that in life, we all start off as the drunken babies. Wobbling, unsure of what life is really about. Eventually, we begin to straighten up our walk. Realize that the only things we need to be putting in our mouths is food and not batteries. We begin to figure out life as we grow.

So, what's next? The next thing I plan to do is live. Everyday is a lesson and the best part of having a destination is enjoying the journey.

Another thing, for all recent graduates. Don't fold under the pressure. If you have no idea what you're doing next,  don't worry. The best achievements are those that are unannounced.

Be the best you!

When everyone takes photos on Snapchat and when you ask them to send pics they tell you, "It's on Snapchat" -__-

Saphia Louise