One Park, Thousands of Beautiful People Embracing Their Natural Hair: Curl Fest 2016

Another year down for the books!  Curl Fest 2016 

This years curl fest was so much fun. I went last year, but as I blogged about in the past, I was a volunteer. There's the good and bad that comes with volunteering; it all depends on the area that you're helping in. Last year, I was bagging the goodies for all of the smart, beautiful people who RSVP'd in advance. It was cool to link and network, but I didn't thoroughly enjoy the fest.

So, this year I decided to just arrive and go with the wind. 

I met up with my friend Edna and the rest was history...or, just fun! Why talk about it when I could just show you? Right.

These events are so fun to attend! It always makes me want to go to more and more once I leave.

Saphia Louise