Re-Vamping My Desk/Workspace at Home + Keys To Staying Organized

 If you ask anyone that knows me closely, they will tell you that I re-arrange my room every few months. Not just a simple chair or desk move, but my entire room switches up so often you would think I had a new room each time. I get bored easily. 

When my room lacks inspiration, it drives me insane. So, until I move into a nice apartment that gives me tons of space and opportunity to really decorate as I wish, I work with what I've got.

And now, 

It makes me laugh every time I think about how many books I have and the large book shelf that I use for everything else and like 1/4 for books! But, I love my new little space on my desk for a few selected books. P.S. I promise I read more than just books on religion.

I have so many mason jars and I also collect fortune cookie scraps. I've been placing the fortunes in my mini mason jar and when I feel a little down and need a pick-me-up, I reach in and BAM! I feel better..... Okay, that doesn't always work, but it's all in the mind, kids. All in the mind.

It's so hard not to over-crowd my desk. I want so much on there, but I also want to keep it minimal. Is it working?

For the longest, I never really knew where to put my bookcase turned dresser/cubby for everything life. After graduation, I received these flowers and they were dying too soon! So, to be honest. I needed them near the window and that's what sparked the whole room-revamp. The truth will always come to light.

I never thought to connect my desk with the bookshelf. WHAT TOOK ME FOREVER-AND-A-DAY TO DO THAT!? It makes me feel all business like, as if my desk is extended! For now, I am in love.

My agenda is life. Seriously. I have been on a hunt for months, looking for my soul-mate. Who would have thought I'd find it in Marshalls for $9.99. Yassss boo!

I can't live without touching it. So, hoping to utilize it to its best potential. I see you, agenda. I know what you can do! This also means, fill up the dates with events and adventures! YAY!

Benefits of having an agenda?

1. You're life is organized.
2. You won't double or triple book---It's not fun, trust me.
3. It gives you the urge to want to fill up your days.
4. Being organized with your life, clears worries and anxiety.
5. Because, how cool are you when you say "Let me check my calendar/agenda/planner"

Cool stuff, I know.

Saphia Louise