Trusting The Higher Power Within Yourself

It was after 1 a.m. when my brother came into my room talking about an Egyptian man who was known B.C and asked me whether I thought it was okay that the Bible was stealing a story from someone else.
Lately, I've been bumping heads a lot with my brother on topics or situations that revolve around faith, God and Jesus Christ.

One thing I have come to understand and know, once I've adapted to my own faith, is that people are really serious about believing, or not believing, in a god. It's especially difficult when you believe in one thing and someone has opposing beliefs, yet they're constantly questioning your own.

Obviously I don't blog forcing my faith onto people, I just share my personal experiences and thoughts hoping that it may benefit someone.

That night of him bringing up this Egyptian man, and accusing me of not researching the bible before I claim a religion, left me wondering for a few minutes before I was able to fall asleep and dream about the Beyonce concert that I had thoroughly enjoyed a few hours before.

  1. If I revolved my life around worrying about which religion, belief or faith-based group is real or not, I would forget to live.
  2. Every person on this earth is entitled to believe in whatever they choose. Never condemn someone for what they put their faith in.
  3. Exploring and understanding other religions is okay--don't feel obligated to know what everyone believes in.

I have friends/acquaintances from many different backgrounds and I have never refrained myself from engaging in conversations because of their religious preference.

Ultimately, I believe that we should trust the inner power we have within ourselves. Be aware of who you are and what you're capable of doing. There is a purpose and peace in all that we do while here on this earth. Let it be just as it flows naturally in the depths of your soul. 

Saphia Louise