Why Beyonce's Concert Gives Life + Bragging

Last night I went to my very first, ever Beyonce concert. I've had my share of concerts, but never Queen Bey!

I didn't know what to expect. What would the set-up be? What songs was she going to sing? Who would she bring out? How long was it going to be? Is she going to start on time? Will I love it? You know, the basics.

This was a surprise for my graduation and can I say the seats were ahhhh-maze balls. 

I decided to postpone today's original post to hail King Bey! We shall continue back with our regularly scheduled program on Friday.

She performed everything from Destiny's Child to Lemonade. Yes, Beyonce was fashionably late so I was bothered, but the moment she walked on that stage it was LIT. lol. 

Spoiler alert for those who are going to see the show!!!

Enter the hive:

P.S. Part two (aka Better video) will be posted tomorrow, so come back for an update --this post--

Ya'll must not know I got home around 1a.m. and made it to work, sooooo ....yeah..


Saphia Louise