Why Creating A Bucket List Is Important + Summer 2016 Goals

Every Summer, I craft up a bucket list of things that I want to accomplish. Though I don't necessarily get to accomplish everything, I try my best to fulfill a good percentage of things. 

A Bucket list is important because a) it keeps you busy b) you set goals to live life c) even if you don't get around to everything on your list, it encourages you to do things that may relate to your list.

For this summer, I wanted to be a little bit more specific and realistic. I didn't want to create a list that has 100 things to do. Simply 15 potentials and grow after.

Here's MY bucket list! Make sure you share some things on your list, I'd love to know what you have planned for the Summer!

P.S It's in no specific order!

Saphia's Bucket List : All Summer 16'

1. Festive- Do a color run!

2. Road Trips- Minimum 2 hours away (at least 2 trips)
3. Reading- Read 3 books; on history, romance and psychology
4. Drinking- Visit a winery
5. Craft- Learn how to use sewing machine
6. Travel- Go on 2 weekend getaways with no itinerary
7. Food- Learn how to cook a meal from a different culture
8. Give Back-Pay a strangers meal through the drive-thru
9. Tour- Be a Tourist in your own city: Ride a NYC Tour bus for a day
10. Fitness-Take an Aerial class
11. Adventurous- Go Skydiving
12. Fitness- Participate in Yoga class in Times Square
13. Nature-Go Fishing
14. Fun- Participate in a large water-gun fight

The last one is pretty much on my bucket list slash a goal. 

Let the summer begin ( Don't mention that we're still in the season of Spring, no one has to know!)

Saphia Louise