A Very Hot & Fun Weekend

This past weekend was probably one of the most exciting/spontaneous ones that I've had all summer. Maybe.

I took a look at my bucket list on Friday before leaving work and I thought, I really need to start accomplishing some things on there. Safe to say, I didn't accomplish any of what was on my list this weekend. But, have no fear, I still had lots of fun. 

Friday, I had a picnic in the park. We plopped ourselves in a random spot in the middle of the park and popped out Connect 4, Jenga, Uno and some really cool net-and-ball-catch-thingy.. It probably has a name, I just don't know it.

On Saturday, I took my talents to Jersey  Shore. Not too sure who the little boys were, but they clearly wanted to photo bomb me. Nailed it. 

I got to the shore pretty late, around 5pm. Did I achieve the tan that I desired? No. But that didn't stop the fun. It was a beautiful day out. If you are in the tri-state area, you know it was pretty hot out there! I love laying in the sun so it was no probably for me. 

What's better than a night walk on the beach and accidentally almost step on a crab? 

Tried saving this little guy from the seagulls. 
It's been a LONG time since I've been to the shore and got on the rides. Seriously, years. And I had so much fun! And guess who got a cowboys basketball--me, me, me ! And Bubbles :) I was out there fighting crime with my bubbles gun. Just how it should be done.

The night ended with such a breathtaking scenery. I never was able to capture seagulls in the night time. When I say beautiful, it was so amazing to see how they glowed in the night sky. A photo I'll keep to myself until I decide to share haha. The video was beautiful too. But, the moon as it reflects against the ocean--yasss.



I'm a BuzzFeed reader and whenever they recommend books, I try to at least pick up one and give it a try. I have been wanting to read Homegoing for some time now, so I found myself in Barnes and Noble on Sunday evening and I came across these two goodies. I didn't pick up House Girl, but that's my next purchase.

So far I've been reading Homegoing and it's not too bad. It had a very dry start, but it's making its way to the point of where it should be. Maybe I'll share more about it once I am deep in. It's fiction, about two sisters in Ghana who are sold to be wives to Englishmen. One sister is living a pretty solid life and the other is living as a slave in a dungeon below the sisters castle. Plot, the sister who is living the good life is unaware of it all.

How was your weekend?! 

Saphia Louise