Brother, Brother, Brother, There's Far Too Many of You Dying

I was asked to share a poem at a vigil candle lighting that a friend hosted. Honestly, I immediately wanted to say no. Why, because I feel like I haven't performed in so long that I was so concerned about my own self, my nerves and my fears, rather than sharing something that was on my heart with others. 

You'd have to be living under a rock to not know what's going on in our world recently. It's scary, sad and frustrating. I'm not one to really voice my opinion too much on this matter, for several reasons. I find that we all have impact and power in our voice. Whether we leave a positive impact or negative, what we speak should always be cautiously thought out.

I walked out of work the other day to crowds of people walking and protesting, peacefully. People of all kinds, sizes, colors, etc. It was an emotional moment for me.

On Saturday, I shared a short poem with a group of leaders, looking for change and the spreading of love.

I hesitated sharing this photo. Initially, when I snapped it, I was in the heat of the moment. Feeling what was happening, but also looking to hold the memory in a photograph sense. I agree, cops who aim with the intent to murder should be jailed. Especially, if other measures could have prevented the outcome. However, I do not believe that cops should be out of black communities. I've been hearing a lot of talk about Community Policing. Officers should get to know the people of the community in which they're working, and civilians as well. For it to go as far as having cops out of the communities would accept that Black communities do no need to be protected.

Welp, we can only pray for change and work towards making ourselves better and being an influence to those around us. Love is the answer. Love all people. Love those who don't deserve to be loved.

1 Peter 4:8   Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sin.

In order for this world to be a better place, sin must be erased. For that to happen, we must learn to love all.

Here's the poem I decided to share:

Heavenly Father 
tell me if you're still there
do we remain in this relationship?
or have you disappeared?
Lord Oh Lord 
do you still care
I can imagine you gaze back at me
wondering how I could ask such questions 
how I could believe the one who never changes 
has adapted to the ways of the Flesh and
I know it's me
who often changes up
I know it's me 
who ends up doing too much
Heavenly Father,
There are concerns that I have
leading me to ask 
if our chance has finally passed 
how should we react ?
how do we bring Justice ?
how do we get the world to live with a loving heart
it seems the longer you give us time on this Earth 
the further would being torn apart 
how many times 
must we hashtag an unfamiliar name ?
why is it the more a black man 
or a woman becomes known
is after a bullet has been aimed ?
I tried to write this with the love
I tried to refrain from saying things I'd regret
from shootings leading to murders
tell me what else would you expect ?
We are human
We are black
My statement of black lives matter 
should never offend another 
or encourage attacks 
the moment we as humans 
realize that we're all equal 
we can all accept that we're sisters and brothers 
I watched a video of a white woman
Asking a room full of white people 
if they'd like to live a life 
being treated as blacks are treated 
"stand up"
not even one human 
put their hand up 
so I ran out of reasons to say 
that shouting all lives matter 
is not the answer 
and I'm still waiting for you 
to put your hands up 
let's not distract from the problem at hand 
black lives matter is a movement 
Yearning to join people of all races 
because as I said before 
We are all human 
and we should never be afraid
to change places 
because of the color 
of our faces.

Saphia Louise