Strong & Elite + Women Entrepreneurs, Don't Call it A Come-back

You don't have to go so far back into history to know what woman have endured in order to not just be seen, but heard.

After the curl fest, I took the atmosphere and vibes as a ladder to continue surrounding myself around women who empower and lift up one another. So, I searched for upcoming events and came across this little gem. 

Strong + Elite hosted this panel of 3 entrepreneurs, all of who were strong, beautiful black women, and they shared a little bit of their story and gave insight to women who own a business, or are looking to start one.

At this point in my life, I don't exactly own a business, nor do I know if I'd want to start one. But, one thing I learned in life is that you should not limit the amount of knowledge you can receive in all areas of life.

Between the positive energy flowing through the room, the natural hair sistas embracing who they are and the light that came from these women who decided to share what they know, I felt like I was at the right place at the right time.

On the panel was :

Lindsay Day
Co-Founder of CRWN Magazine

Tracy G
Edutainer, Founder of She’s Beauty and the Beast, On-Air Host

She’Neil Johnson
Founder of Base Butter

The ladies covered everything from how they started, what prompted them to leave their full time jobs and start branching out on their own to the issues and struggles that they faced on the way. It gets real! With strength, focus/determination and God, these ladies are rising and we are witness to it.

Also, the lovely moderator was Charell Strong, Founder of Strong + Elite. 

Guests were also given a gift bag that included 20 % off of Base Butter by Sha'Neil, a copy of CRWN magazine and a Revolution button. Coolness.

Lucky me, I won a raffle and received my own Base Butter! Can't wait to try it out.

Also, I met this lovely girl Cassondra Lenoir, who published her first book "From Nothing to New York." Of course, I had to support this beautiful queen! *Reading in session*

If you know me, you know how I've always felt about having jobs that serve no purpose. Sha'Neil did mention one thing that stood out to me.  All along, she knew that she wanted to be an entrepreneur because she grew up around women in her family who were basically bosses. 

Her goal with working in the corporate world was to gain experience. You can't have a business and expect to have workers and not know what it's like to work. I respect that. 

Everything we do should serve a purpose.

Thank you to these wonderful ladies for sharing their wealth!

Check out Strong + Elite also! 

Saphia Louise