No Such Thing as A Plan B

Last Friday I went to MVMNT young adults service at Brooklyn Tabernacle. I feel like I go every so often because the schedule is not how it used to be--with the new changes and all, I understand why.

I usually go with a friend or friends, but this time, I went alone and I was happy about that. For a moment, I found myself after work second-guessing and thinking what would I do with the 3 hours to kill. Luckily, I had a dentist appointment, so I only had nearly 2 hours to kill.

Blah, get to the point. 

So, I found myself walking up to the line, uncertain of how to feel. I'll let you in on something. Prior to that meeting on Friday, I felt like God left me. I felt alone, empty, unfaithful, stuck in a dark hole and questioning whether I even had faith anymore. Scary.

I saw a friend that I met on the line sometime last year, and I noticed that she was now serving in the young adult ministry. I didn't speak to her because she was busy greeting others. When I walked inside, I saw her and she was alone so I stopped to say hi.

She hit me with the "How's everything been?" question and typically, I'd say everything was great and lie, lie, lie. Something forbid me from saying the basics. Avoiding small talk. Instead, I gave her honesty. I let her know my living situation, my faith situation, how I feel disconnected, all within a matter of seconds.

Little did I expect. my friend returned love back to me. A short sermon that helped me open up for the "

main event."

 Something that stood out to me was how she was very persistent in saying not to have a plan B and to trust God's plan.

We are so quick to have backup plans because we never trust OUR own plan. Isn't that ironic? There are so many things that we want to do in life at different periods in our lives, that we almost don't even trust our plans. That's because we shouldn't.

The pastor said on Friday 

If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.

Having a Plan B is a guaranteed mindset of believing the first plan will fail. We have to be aware that in life, some things won't work out. There will be a time when the plan doesn't go accordingly, so we have to search out the next best thing. The difference with this is not doing it on your own.

Here are some quotes from Friday's session!

God wants to tear down your plans because He has a plan.
Don't focus on your frustration, focus on your faith.
Even when the test is going on, we know that God is silent, but he is always present.
Manage what God has given you, don't try to manipulate what you don't have.
No matter the season, you can't try to manipulate your way out of it, God just wants you to manage and take care of what He has given you.
Sometimes we are so close to the picture we can't see what's happening.
If you can't trace his hands, can't see the chess pieces move--trust His heart.
FaithSaphia Louise