I'm Tired of Waiting on God

Ouch. Back away all Christians. Or, should you?

What approach should you take when you are lacking faith? Should you announce it all over to friends and family. Or, should you just pray? Is it something that you wait on, patiently or impatiently, hoping that sooner or later, you'll have faith again. Maybe, if only, something traumatic happens that almost forces you to turn back to God, then and only then, will you have faith again.

For me, sometimes I don't want to show it. Social media plays a major part in that. Everyone is paying attention. Even if you tell yourself that you don't care, as long as you continue to post on these networks for people to see, you care. So when you find yourself at a stage in your life when you're on the edge, falling off from the wall of faith, it's scary to decide whether or not you will continue to "broadcast" your life. 

I have a friend in another state and from time to time, we randomly catch up on things. Like, life, relationships, and faith. Something drew me to reach out to him and just see how things were on his end. Right away, we were led to our faith and that relationship  that we so often talk about: with God.

As young adults, it's so easy for us to get distracted and fall into the enemies trap. Social media. Relationships. Events. Friends. Drama. Jobs. Etc. We have way too much on our plates. The entree is no longer God. The dessert, we're lucky if God is the syrup on our ice cream. Is it intentional? Well, not always, right?

Who knew that Life could ever get in the way of LIFE?

So, we begin to talk and he mentions how he's drifted away from God. I know man, so have I. It just feels crazy! Oh, me? How come?

Well, lack of gratitude caused me to forget the blessings. Focused on the wrong people and things. Doubt. Negative energy/people around me.

Yeah, that's real.

But, are we willing to fight? See, the enemy THINKS that he has power over us. He is very strategic in his planning to steal and kill and destroy. Guess what. We are actually more powerful--it's just, well, it's easy to forget that we have God.

Reality hit me when my friend said: "I was like tired of waiting on God." Authentic truth.

Tired, of waiting, on GOD. The one who is patient with us. The one who is constantly just calling out to us. The one who we put on the back burner and tell, wait--we're not just ready yet--and still waits on us!

Was I bothered by his statement? No! I respected it so much. I felt it deep in my soul! It reminded me how much more I need to seek God. How much more I need to realize that He is such a loving, honest and faithful God who is always waiting on me.

I was in Church last week and the pastor mentioned a story in the bible. How Abraham had to wait 25 years for a son. Jokingly, the pastor said, "But you all can't even wait 25 minutes for the train." Accurate.

I mean, really..who has the patience for that!?

So, can we be tired of waiting on God? Yes. Should we be and sleep well at night? I don't think so. What are we actually waiting on? A blessing? A gift? Something that is pleasing to us? We're waiting on a thing that is benefitting for us, not so much what God has planned.

I, too, am tired of waiting on God. I don't want our connection to be a time-limit or a rushed event. I want to glide and be free of all worries and any pressure. 

We see it time and time again that faith is often tested and tried.

Faith, FavoriteSaphia Louise