Smorgasburg, Without The Smorgas

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My friend Gabby and I had a plan. 

We were to bike ride from downtown Manhattan, across the Williamsburg bridge and make our greedy way into Smorgasburg on a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon.

The problem? There was no Smorgasburg! We failed to check the details of the location. On Saturdays, it's in Williamsburg. But on Sundays, oh Sundays---it's out in Prospect Park. Errhm, Why!?

That didn't stop our show. We rode around a bit and then after meeting up with a friend, we headed to Freehold. I've actually been there before, but only in the nighttime. At first, I didn't realize, but later I had slight flashbacks. Dope spot. Great food. The service on a Sunday during Brunch, ehhh, could have been better. I had to walk up to the waitress for napkins and utensils, nearly 5-10 minutes after receiving our food. Good stuff. Still, we enjoyed ourselves.

What I didn't discover the last time I was there, was that when you make your way towards the bathroom, there is an arcade! Okay, just a few little games, nothing major. Outside, however, when you walk out, take a smell of the fresh Summer air and walk down the steps, there's a ping-pong table. 

It didn't thorn on me until now, I should have taken photos!

Here's a bit of the inside and our day . . .

After we came back from Freehold, we went back to Gabby's friends' apartment. Rooftop, banging. View, amazing. 

Before going to the rooftop, we spent almost 3 hours watching Naked and Afraid. I'm just, I'm not sure that I can ever get those 3 hours back in life.

The Moment we learned that we will not be eating food at Smorgasburg.

Check out Freehold, it's a dope spot. Brunch on Sundays, $5 mimosas :)

Better luck next time!