The Book Club Series

When I move into a place that I can call home forever, or at least for a long period of time, major goals is to have an in-home library.

I've been making it my goal to read a lot more lately, back to back Once I finish a book, normally I am caught up in that book for a week or so, still living the tale. This time around, I've been picking books up and placing them on my desk just anxiously waiting to start reading the next.

A couple of friends and I started this book club. It's a baby, so we're still learning. We haven't yet had our first reading and everyone is on a different pace, haha. So, I wanted to also have my own book club here on my blog.

This section will consist of book reports. Yes, like back in the days elementary school style. Who-what-when-where-how--okay, I'm lying. But I'll review the books that I have read, going forward and try to give my best reviews without revealing too much. (Good luck!)

The last 3 books that I've read, that I'm willing to recommend:

1. Americanah

2. Homegoing

3. Do They Hear You When You Cry? (Current Read-- Will review when finished)

The Book Club

 is where it all happens.

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