Short, Sweet, Quick! + Take a Step In

Early this morning, I woke up on the right side of the bed. I was in a pretty good mood, well rested and happy--I've been in such a happy place lately, so I milk it even in the early, wee hours of the morning.

Making my way into the ferry terminal, heading to work, I walked near a caution cone. There was a drop of water that came down from the ceiling and splashed right onto my leg. I kept it pushing with a bit of a mean grimace on my face, that eventually faded away.

I walked into the restroom to fluff up my hair and leaned up against the sink counter to look into the mirror. Seconds later, I felt water dripping on my legs. Laughter was all I could let out. I moved from one section to the next, and again. Water began to drip on my legs. 

In that moment, I had to realize what was going on. I've been repeatedly telling myself to let go of my worries and be more cheerful, expectant of great things to come and free. Mostly, free.

But in that moment, I heard a voice. One might say the little people in my head spoke to me, as they often do. It said, "Don't be afraid to get your feet wet. Step out." Immediately, I connected the first splash and this new one and it hit me.

So often, I am on a path towards something that I desire and want to do, and suddenly a splash hits. An obstacle. A fear. Something that is meant to prevent me from going forward. Instead of pushing forward, I find myself stepping out of the way of the splash, obstacle, fear, whatever it is, and giving it the victory.

This little short, sweet, quick moment brought me to reality. 

All it takes is one step in. 

Last week during young adults service, the message was given from a different perspective. A story that is often told. Peter getting up out of the boat and attempting to walk on water. That story is told often with the idea of lack of faith and trust. Yet, on Friday, the way it was presented was from a vulnerability standpoint. Peter was vulnerable, therefore he walked out and trusted, even though there was not just a splash of water beneath him, but a giant body of water.

So, for me, sometimes I have to feel a message in order to receive it. Fridays verbal expression was not enough. I felt the splash and it was just a reminder to step out and act. Be vulnerable.

Don't be afraid of any obstacles or blackouts that may come your way. As long as you know your  strength, you will overcome it.


Mugs time! 

FaithSaphia Louise