Your Qualities + Your Circumstance + Your Life Calling

It's frustrating to find yourself at a time in your life where you feel like you're gifted, skilled, have great qualities, but you're in a hopeless situation. This only manipulates you to believe that your life calling is on hold--forever.

But, why do we believe that? Lately, I've flicked a switch with my music and have just been listening to motivational speakers. (Look at the flick of my switch—haha)

I’m all about words and the power that they hold. It’s important that we know our qualities, the calling that God has on our life and truly understand that the situation that we are in, even as horrible as we believe it to be, is not that bad.

See, God might have you messed up!!! That’s what you think, right? Wondering why the same thing keeps happening over and over. Even though you pray your way through these storms. Questioning if He even loves you because, child, this situation is not changing! Tell me, have you ever sat back, analyzed and thought to yourself: “Yes, this is exactly how it’s supposed to be. There is a purpose in it all.”

If you haven’t, do that now and I’ll wait….Get back to me when you believe it. Here’s why.

God is not going to change your circumstance simply because you pray, beg and plead that it needs to be changed. There is a characteristic, attribute within you, that needs to be handled—and Olivia Pope is not the one to do this.

God will not change your circumstance because He is concerned with changing YOU within the circumstance.

I know personally, that I’ve experienced the same MESS over, and over, and over, and can I say over and over again? It’s frustrating! The best part of standing back and analyzing things is being able to be your own audience. You realize that this situation is not removing itself from your life: whether you’re broke, in a relationship that fails every time you attempt to fix it, working at a job that you hate but just need money, paying school loans years after you didn’t even graduate from the school…. Release it all!

It will not be removed, until the duty to change you, cleanse you, renew you and revive you is successful.

There is a purpose in the pain that you are experiencing. Have you ever just been angry and threw something, then you felt great afterward? There was a purpose in that pain for whoever was on the receiving end—let’s just hope it was a wall.

Be aware. Be alert. Know your qualities. Know your worth. All of this ties into your circumstance. God wants us to be better. Friends and family, all want us to be better. We want to be better. Discover yourself through the pain, trials and tribulations.

Don’t just recognize a problem within you, fix it. Address that immediately.

VERSE: John 13:7

Jesus answered and said to him "What I am doing, you do not understand now, but you will understand later."

I’ve always had trouble with praying and asking God for things. Especially when it comes to my life calling.

In the midst of it all, you have to remind yourself that God will answer your prayer in 3 different ways, you just have to reveal all to him.


1.He says yes and gives you what you want

a.Is this a good thing?

b.Does this benefit you?

c.Is God confusing you?

d.Does God just want us to fail?? I NEED ANSWERS


2.He says No, and gives you something better

a.I can deal


3.He says wait and gives you the best

a.Endure the pain

b.While you wait, become engaged with who you are

c.See what needs improvement


We are great human beings and we should not allow the brainwashing that we’ve been introduced to since birth, stop us from thinking Greatness is impossible. OUR greatness is possible!

Saphia Louise