5 Thing I've Learned in 2016

I love to reflect on things and from that I learn how and where I can grow. Life is a constant roller-coaster of failures and improvement.

Sitting here, 19 days into the New Year, it's easy to drift away from "resolutions" and goals and fall back into a lazy state. Why is that? 

We live in a world where we have SO much opportunity thrown our way. Those who limit themselves are only hurting themselves. So, I'd rather remind myself that there are things that I learned in 2016 that I can apply in 2017.

1. What You Settle For, You Will Receive Less Than 

It's so easy to settle. It's so easy to give up. You know what's funny about that? Getting mad at yourself and the results in the end. We sign ourselves up for what we want to achieve in life. If you find yourself limiting what you do because of fear, pride or any other foolish reason, you are only going to hurt yourself. 

- No standards (you get less than what you're worth)

- Lack of belief/faith (tend to easily give up and find excuses not to excel)


2. A Job is Not a Career

Although I've had really great opportunities to work for certain companies, I never allowed myself to go as far as creating a career within the companies. Even now, I know that I work for an amazing company, but in order for me to be content and satisfied with my LIFE, I have to understand that staying in my current position is not an option for 2017.

- Take courses to learn different skills

- Apply for jobs that allow room for growth

- Go back to school if necessary


3. "Procrastinator" Is A Nice Long Word, But The Delay In My Grind Isn't So Nice

It kills me to know that I can procrastinate so much. There are days when I have to tell myself in the morning, "

Okay, We are going to set aside an hour for each idea/project that I need to work on"

 and reality hits, I slide right into first base of procrastination game. UGH!


4. Travel More, But Actually, Explore Culture

Back when I first started going places, I was eager to make sure that the water was crystal clear, the country/city was nice and everything revolved around the physical beauty of where I was visiting. As I've been able to get out more, I realized that I want more than that. This year, I want to be able to build relationships wherever I travel. To understand the culture and the people. 


5. Start What I've Started In My Mind And Finish In Reality

This is simple. I look back on my ideas and how excited I was to reveal them to myself. Things like life, doubt, fear and the unknown get in the way and my idea is put on hold. I no longer want to dismiss what I was blessed with by God!

The point: Do better. Be Better!

Saphia Louise