5 Ways To Make Mornings Turn into Awesome Days

Is it me, or do you just sometimes wake up on the wrong side of the (energy) bed? 

I try my hardest to get at least seven hours of sleep each night. Let's be honest, that doesn't always happen. There are times when I am lucky to be getting four hours.

Lately, I've been trying to think of better ways to feel more energized when I wake up. Sometimes we don't even realize that the moment we wake up, our energy determines how we look at the day ahead of us.

Our bodies and our brains


to be nurtured. If we lack sleep, we don't take advantage of the energy level that we obtain and this interferes with our ability to perform physically and mentally. 

I mean honestly, who doesn't want to utilize each hour that we have in our days! Even if it's lounging around, yet still feeling rejuvenated. Let's start in the morning.

1. Snooze, You Lose!

It's SO easy to hit the snooze button. Trust me, I do it like five times every morning. I normally press snooze and then think about all that I have to do before heading out of the door. THEN, I go back to sleep only to wake up so much more tired! This is only hurting us! Yes, we want that extra 5-30 minutes, but do we really need it? Do you see yourself snoozing and then it's crunch time once you finally get out of the bed? I know that feeling too well. 

Set your alarm, put your phone far away in the night time before you sleep and wake up when you're


to wake up. That means, don't set the alarm at 5:30 a.m. when you know you really aren't going to wake up until 5:50, maybe 6:30 if you're anything like me.

If that's the case, set your alarm for 5:50 and you won't have to mentally worry about how much time you have while you try to get those extra minutes in. 

  • When you wake up at different times daily, you are confusing your body and putting it off balance! It doesn't know when to feel sleepy or awake, so this plays a part in your sleep at night and how often you deprive yourself. (Scientific fact) Because we hit snooze, our body is attempting to go back to sleep, but our mind has officially decided to wake up, the temperature in our body is starting to re-activate itself, yet we're confusing it by forcing it to go in and out of sleep. You'll realize, the more you hit snooze, the later you end up falling asleep at night.

2. Revive w/ Meditation, or Prayer.

For me, I feel like whenever I put the path of my day into the hands of God, I have a better day. I start my morning with trust and confirmation. 

Whether you have to sit up on your bed for 15 minutes with your eyes closed, fully awake (I've fallen asleep many times while sitting up--still working on this) and meditate on how you wish for your day to go, it's your choice. 

This generation is known for going to sleep with our phone in hand and the moment we wake up, we immediately have to check what's going on in phone-land. Not necessary and not healthy for you. Give the morning to yourself. You are most important and you will benefit greatly from this.

  • Find a mantra or words of affirmation that you can repeat to yourself every day to gain confidence, wisdom, awareness and whatever else that you need to have an awesome day!

3.  Re-visit The Day Before 

I think the best way to have an even better day than the one before, is to revisit it in the morning, or by the end of the day/night. This helps you to understand your plans, goals, and purpose for each day as it comes. There have been times when my work week began and suddenly it was already Friday. The scary part, I would forget some things that took place or that I did. Although every day might not be filled with much excitement, it's good to scan through the day so that you have an understanding of how you utilize your seconds, minutes and hours! Which brings me to my next point.

4. Set Goals in the Morning

I'm a writer. The thing I enjoy doing most is writing. So I want to implement this and make my days more impactful. Take a moment, after meditation, before stepping outside of your house, and make a list of 3-5 things that you wish to do for the day. A simple to-do list doesn't necessarily have to be to build a new machine or anything, but just to help you navigate throughout the day.

This is something that you have to commit yourself to and be faithful. Before you know it, you'll form a habit, a lifestyle of achieving the smaller things in life and gradually, eventually, inevitably, you will start to see yourself accomplishing some serious goals!

5. Remain Positive--A Bad Moment Doesn't Mean a Bad Day

This is something I've absorbed quickly as I got older. From waking up to ruckus in your environment, taking the train and dealing with grouchy or ignorant commuters, something going bad at work----All of this and more can leave a bitter flavor in your day. It's so bad that many people have such moments and respond by saying "I'm having a bad day!" No, it's a bad MOMENT. Say it with me! 

YOU have to be able to wake up in the morning and tell yourself, 

you know what, no matter what may come in the way of my path, no matter what obstacle I may face, no matter who may try to bring me down, I WILL conquer this day. I WILL not allow that moment to take me out of my euphoria.

What's the worst that can happen? As far as I know, that attitude can make your day SO much BETTER. I am getting excited writing it. I genuinely want everyone to understand how POWERFUL you can be and how powerful this state of being is. 

We don't have to keep ourselves locked in a box. We don't have to have a bad day because our goals weren't reached. We are human. We are in control, but we also have to understand that our control can clash with the control of the universe. Learn to take the good with the bad. Learn to believe in the positivity that YOU carry!

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