What Is Your Monthly Goal? + Happy New Year

As the new year hits, we all seem to have "New Year Resolutions." Changes that we want to take place within ourselves and our environment.

Most people have a tendency to start working out, build a new diet plan, cut people out of their lives and blah ay, blah.

I do admit that I've fallen victim to that in the past. I don't think resolutions are necessarily bad or a negative thing, it's just that I am not that committed to some things--to be completely honest.

This past week, I was able to sit back and just reflect on this year. I've been seeing so many memes of how wicked 2016 has been and how it humbled everyone because of the adversities and such. It made me think about my year through 2016.

Sometimes we feel to observe the good blessings that have happened in our lives. We accomplish so much, especially minor steps and it's important to observe that.

2016 was great to me in many ways, just a few to mention:

I went on my Eat, Pray, Love trip.

I participated in my first Mission Trip to Haiti.

My new job introduced me to great new people in my life.

I was able to be a part of my best friend, who I've known since Kindergerten, wedding.

I built my blog up from scratch and gained an audience.

Though each day is a new year, I want to make sure that my numerical new year is just as great, if not better!

For this year, I want to do something different. We see goals as something to obtain, achieve and be successful at doing. I just want to accomplish at least one goal for each month. Whether it's a travel goal, an activity or just simply reading a book.

If you know me, I'm always into creating charts and visuals to help me. I love agendas. I live to see things written down or drawn up in front of me. So, I would suggest a large board of some sort or something that is visible and in your face!

When you have a monthly goal, it allows you to focus and dedicate time to one particular idea, as opposed to being absorbed in so much and embrace things with time.

Here are a few of my monthly goals, scattered! I hope that this will inspire you to create your own and to push as hard as you can to achieve them all!


- Go Skiing


Photograph for NYFW 


- Essence Festival in New Orleans


- Visit the Sunflower Maze Field

I may share my chart so that its a bit more encouraging and exciting, but for now, I want you to create


 own goals!


Saphia Louise