4 Places to Find Inspiration

Have you ever just walked through a park and simply taken in how much beauty this earth carries? 

I'm sure the chances would be high if I said the majority of people reading this would respond by saying they do not notice. Not because you're ignorant to natural beauty, but because we're so caught up in our phones, talking to people, focused on getting to our workplace--sometimes we just need to stop. Stop, take a breath and allow the natural wonders impress and inspire us.

Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to open your eyes and let it find you.

I hesitated to create this list because there's absolutely no way that I can, should or really want to limit it to five places. Then I thought, well if someone, like myself at times, is lacking inspiration, a jumpstart of these few places will land them to many other spaces.

Inspiration is everywhere, but not everything will inspire each person the same way. You will never find out what you're inspired by if you remain closed minded.


Coffee Shop/Bar

Believe it or not, but hearing the conversations between other people, watching the flow of coffee or tea being made or even just sitting on one of the high chairs lined up near the window and people watching, this can inspire you. There's this spot called

Union Hall

 in Brooklyn, New York that I absolutely love. I enjoy going there because of the setup. It's like a mini-library, but you're also surrounded by the lifestyle of a typical bar. So much to be inspired by!


Art Gallery

This is the Caption Obvious suggestion. Again, you have to be open. Society has formed us into these beings that go to an art gallery


 so we can take photos and post them on social networks and appear to be "artsy". But if you're actually learning and exploring the art, there's no way you can't be inspired. Whether you're an artist yourself or need a boost. It helps.


Library/ Book Store

I love to go to Barnes and Noble just to caress my fingers along the never read yet, calling-my-name, fresh and clean books. Something about the smell and feel of a new book excites me. However, in a library or bookstore, you don't necessarily have to buy the book. Head over to a genre section that you'd never read on a normal day, grab a book and sit down. There's beauty in learning new things spontaneously.


Social Media

Social Media can be a dangerous world or a perfect place for opportunity. Nothing is original in this world and we see that all of the time with social media. BUT, if you properly seek inspiration and transform it into your own style, you'll see a lot of growth and improvement in your creativity.

Like I said, these are a few of my ideas as to where and how you can get inspiration. Don't keep your eyes closed as you walk to work. Find a new path or road to take each day. Express yourself to nature. Be ready to be inspired.

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