Getting Unstuck: Release Yourself From the Limitations

Remember that old Lil Wayne Song, Comfortable? It had a line in the song that went like "

Don't you ever get too comfortable.



You probably live a "fast-paced" lifestyle or maybe you don't know your purpose and your calling--or, you are starting to realize that the more you lean towards wanting more and a change in your life, you keep ending up back at the same stage of life. Do you know why? It's because of your comfort level. It's because of the frequent battle that we face between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind. 

I think it became the norm as we grew up to see our parents or family members working a dead-end job that they didn't love or have a passion for. Millennials are different in a sense that they don't want to settle to work for someone and waste time that we see as valuable, but the hard part is


being stuck in the idea and pushing forward into the "do-it" stage.

Maybe, you're in a relationship that has clearly ended months ago, but you're holding on because that's what you're familiar with. I think we all know this feeling all-too-well!

Hey, you could be like me in a sense where you are aware of your talents and gifts that God has given  upon creating you, but you just don't know how to utilize them and give them a chance to blossom. Trust me, this is the absolute worst feeling. 

We are giving ourselves the space to indulge in the comfort of being STUCK. Why!?


I attended a women's ministry meeting a few Saturday's ago and I didn't really know what to expect. My best friend Kim invited me because she thought that it would be a beneficial message for me. It wasn't until the end of the meeting when the message really hit me. We were told to write down areas that we feel stuck and give it to God.  The goal behind this meeting was to encourage women to live a purposeful life. But, as creations of God, Men, Women, Children and Animals should all be able to live a purposeful life! Because, why not?

It can be proven false, but I agree with the idea that we get stuck because of what we witness in our culture. We believe that in order to feel like we are accomplishing something, it has to be huuuge! (Did I just reference Don....nevermind)

Our purpose is not this one large achievement. Our purpose lies in the very small steps that we take in obedience to God and ourselves. We forget that each time we fail and disappoint ourselves, it's because we weren't obedient to the source.

Being stuck is finding comfort in the now and seeing new chance for growth and evolution. When you're stuck, you're not your best self!


The exact opposite. I know, sounds simple right? When you're unstuck, you are taking the limits off of yourself and off of God. We have to be intimate with who we are and the Universe and follow through with what we are being called to do. Believing in yourself. Trusting and not going into deep-crap panic mode when things seem the slight bit difficult.


Emotionally drained. Physically insufficient. Spiritually alone. 

Some people don't have the luxury of realizing that they're stuck, because they are comfortable. Don't let that happen to you.


The best way to take away these limits in your life and the limits that you are placing on God, The Universe, The Almighty or whatever you want to call that lead in your life, is to do the following:

1. Get lost in prayer time

2. Discipline yourself to set goals, be aware of your time and your days, find accountability partners and KNOW what you want.

3. Live in the present and don't compare your life to others


Find the things that distract you and remove them or turn them into something

5. Re-evaluate where your current skills and talents are being applied 

6. Stop ONLY praying about things when you have the Power to do something about it.

7. When you feel too comfortable, get up and get crazy! 

Remember that you are here to live a purposeful life. If you feel that you aren't doing that yet, don't panic, you still have time! Be the best you that you couldn't even imagine you could be. 

Just, release. Take the limits off and release.

Faith, Saphia PicksSaphia Louise