Did You Really Think Your Way Was The Only Way?

"For God said, if they face wars they might change their mind."

We live in an era where everything appears to happen very fast paced. I say appears because most of the time the behind-the-scenes is not visible to us. We see the lifestyle of celebrities. We see overnight fame happening on social networks like Instagram and Snapchat and such. 

I don't think the realization of that particular lifestyle and the lack of complete authenticity being shown has really hit us to understand that it can alter how we truly look at our own lives.

I decided to go back to the drawing board. The old testament. I love the bible. I admit that there are times when I don't pick it up for days and other times when I'm just so in love with the way God decided to share life with us and how it draws us closer to Him.

So, as I am reading Exodus, I'm reading about Moses and his attempts to get Pharaoh to release the Israelite out of Egypt. As stubborn as Pharaoh was, I was honestly getting annoyed and wanted to step into the bible ages like, "SIR!!!" But, he finally released God's people and this one particular verse really stood out for me and made me think of my own life, and I was hoping that others could relate. 

"When Pharaoh let the people go, God did not lead them on the road through the Philistine country, though that was shorter. For God said, "if they face war, they might change their minds and return to Egypt."

You would think that after God releases you from slavery, from trials and tribulations, from bad relationships, from that job that you overworked and didn't see profitable rewards-- you would think that after that, people would be so full of trust and faith and flourishing with gratitude for what God did. But in reality, we are some terrible humans. We receive a blessing and immediately we forget how great God was in that circumstance that once the next step of life or obstacle of life comes around, we're back to lacking courage. 

It's easy to ask God to fight this battle for us, but what about us fighting the battle against ourselves to trust in God more and the process in which He takes us through life.

So when God's people were let go, God could have given them the easy route to their destination. Boom! Freedom. Success. All easy! 

He could have given them that overnight fame. Instead, He knows His people. He knows what is on the road ahead even when we have NO idea. He knows what we are capable of. Yes, God tests us, but there are also times when he is looking out for us and wants us to have a smooth ride, and not quit the moment something seems off. 

I believe He does that because he knows that our faith is not as strong as it can be. Man, if we were able to look back at all of the things we MISSED because God feared we might turn back around and go back to where he REMOVED us from. 

I'm sure you've heard or have seen many memes and quotes around about how God rejected us because He was protecting


When I relate this passage to my life, I think about the times where I just didn't understand God.  Where I wanted immediate action and God was just like. Not yet. You see that there was a shorter way. Moses could have led the Israelite to a road that brought them to victory, or at least they would have thought! Instead, they could have faced war. (Read Exodus 13)

Trusting God isn't easy. I know. But, trusting God is easy. I get it, I just confused you.  Because we wake up every day and see light, we know that there will be light outside tomorrow and all of the future days to come. It has always happened ever since we can remember. 

Mornings bring us light. We never woke up thinking,

hmmm, maybe daytime might deceive me and I'll wake up at 9 a.m. and it will look like midnight.

We trust in that.  We believe in that. We know it to be true. Why? Because that's what it's always been. Simple as that. We didn't need any convincing, and even if we did, daytime would probably not waste it's...breath? I guess. 

Same with God. He has taken us out of darkness. He has filled us with love and joy. He has saved us. He showed us time and time again that his love is unconditional. Yet, after He does all of these things, we still don't fully trust Him. Isn't that crazy?! God is the most trusting. It is our doubt. It is our desire to take the short road that leads us to a war that we aren't prepared for that makes us begin to lack with trust in God. Imagine. 

Sometimes we see the opportunity for a short road and a quicker come up and we automatically assume, God wouldn't put that here for no reason, right? 

Trust the path that is ahead of you. Still, remain aware of the shortcuts and what appears to be the quicker route!

FaithSaphia Louise