Marching into The Springs of March

Can you believe it's already March? This just excites me and raves up my anxiety at the same time because my birthday is near, obviously!

Another day. Another month. Another opportunity.

So far, 2017 has been pretty decent, to say the least. February was pretty smooth. I didn't get to go skiing like I had planned to, but I did head over to Poconos and hit the slopes---via snow tube! I know, how amateur. (That's because I am an amateur)

I also went to

Washington, D.C

with some friends and we spent almost two days eating, exploring museums and dancing the night away. Fun stuff. By luck and the grace of God, we were able to get a chance to visit The National Museum of African American History and Culture. By far, one of the most effective, amazing and beautifully painful museums I've ever been to. Overwhelming.

If you can get your hands on some tickets, make that trip! Spend an entire day in the museum, it's worth it.

Check out some pics from my trip!

(Shout out to the knock-kneed crew---I got us!)

NAT TURNER'S BIBLE, GUYS!!!! This freaked me out. It was so amazing. This is "supposedly" his bible and I was incredibly emotional when I first saw it. I was never a history junkie. Never. I'm really learning about it more in my adulthood, especially BLACK history. I recently watched the movie based on his life and man, I had so much respect for that man. But, to see THIS and in the condition that it's in. Beautiful.

So, as we step into March, I am eager to see what this month holds. I'll be heading to

North Carolina

, for the first time, this weekend and I'm excited to see what the city brings me. This is also the month of my older sisters Bachelorette weekend.

As far as goals, I want to sign up for a course. Whether I begin taking it this month, or make the initiative to sign up, that is the plan!

I'm also ready for SPRING! Warm weather and bike rides, here I come!