Submit to Your Husband....What About Your Boyfriend?

Submit: The word 

submit or submission means to submit under the authority or power of someone else and is usually deemed mandatory or obligatory.

The bible says that we should submit to our husbands. I know that I am not the only one who finds that somewhat difficult to



Don't get me wrong. I am somewhat of a naturally submissive person when it comes to dating. Not in a

take advantage of me

type of way. But more like, I enjoy doing certain things for my man. Unfortunately, some have received that privilege and didn't deserve it. That's neither here nor there. 

Even though I know that I am a submissive person, it still grinds my gears as I read God's word and see that I


to submit to my husband and He simply just has to love me as Christ loves the church. Ugh! So you mean, he doesn't have to be on beckoning call, at my command and do as I say and bring me ice-cream at 2 in the morning and rub my feet while I eat it because he's my husband? No? Oh. Okay, I guess.

However. It makes me think. I don't believe that being submissive means you only do whatever your spouse/partner asks of you, but also what you want to do on your own knowing that it would please him. Of course, while being married.

But, does that mean in the courting stage that you should also be submissive to your boyfriend when knowing he could potentially be your husband? Or, do we just hold out our tendencies to submit until we get married? Tough question. Does that also mean that because we are not married yet, my boyfriend should submit to me also?

Let's just understand one thing. As a woman submits to her husband, in return she expects that he would lead the relationship. Leading is not just bringing in an income. But to be there to make sure the foundation is strong in God, show that your woman comes as the first priority, be moral, mental and emotional support system for one another.

FaithSaphia Louise