Twenty-Eight! Oh, Great

This photo perfectly captures how I feel about getting older. This has to be a joke, God!

(Graciously captured by @thnwblk on Instagram)

I don't think anyone truly understands how frightening turning 28 is for me. For one, I haven't even booked a trip out of the country and I am getting serious anxiety knowing that I will be starting my fresh, new year on this earth HERE in New York. Ughh. 

But, all things will come together in the name of Jesus!

Twenty-eight years. Wow. I made it. Or, did I? Well, this is certainly not a post to talk about the failures of life, now is it? lol.

I'm blessed to see another day, to take another breath and to be able to have my blog which I will humbly claim victory over for year 28. Can I get an amen?

Jokingly, I drafted a post on Instagram telling the 28 gems that I have learned in all of my years on earth. But, I'd like to get serious. Maybe. I can never really be 100% serious. It's so awkward lol.

First let me tell you, once you hit 25 all things begin to speed up. So, if you read my posts and you're between 20-25, take your time! Time is valuable. Use it wisely.

Shout out to Google for remembering the kid! LOL

28. Life does not wait on you. You have to make the first, second, third move all in faith.

27. Having a lot of people to call friends is not necessary. Quality over quantity. 

26. Your family is important. No matter how much they stress you out.

25. Peace starts within you. Whenever you feel frustrated by others, it's because you lack peace within yourself.

24. Goals are just ideas if they are not followed through with actions. And we all have ideas.

23. Love is all around. There are levels to love. Don't confuse them.

22. High school is important. College days never really have an end. At least not yet.

21. Hold onto those that you love and the ones who love you back.

20. When you want something bad enough, you have to believe in yourself to achieve it.

19. God is greater than all. 

18. Speak up about whatever is on your heart. No matter if you feel awkward after saying it.

17. It took me to reach 21 years old to realize that I don't have/need to spend my birthdays with a bunch of people. A light travel with 1 or 2 friends, or self, is good enough. 

16. Keep on believing and have faith.

15. You are who you are because of your past and because of what you expect in your future.

14. Always be grateful and thankful. Nothing is promised.

13. Sometimes you will start something but won't get around to finishing. Don't make this a habit, but don't heat yourself either.

12. Stop doubting yourself and realize that you are fully equipped with everything you need to completely master this life!

11. Travel the world and let the world travel who you are.

10. The only way to let love genuinely come into your life is to make sure you love yourself 100%, wholeheartedly. 

9. When you fail, it's okay. When you try and keep failing, that's okay too. When you give up after never attempting to try, that's not okay.

8. Don't stay in a relationship that keeps you more stressed than joyful and in love.

7. Don't stay at a job that you're not happy with.

6. Joy is greater than happiness. Joy is God-given.

5. Reading is everything. Necessary for the mind to grow.

4. Constantly work on evolving and your personal growth.

3. Don't get caught up in what is good and think that's all there is to life. There's more, there's great and there's better.

2. You're capable of getting everything that you want in life.

1. Always be you and be true to yourself.

Cheers to a new year filled with blessings, growth, opportunities, love, joy, happiness, peace, achievements and more!


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