How Often Can You Say You've Been Maid of Honor?

Wedding goals for 2017, ACCOMPLISHED!

Wow. What a looooong few weeks/months it's been.

A little over a year ago, my older sister's boyfriend(at the time) who she had been with for over 9 years asked her to marry him. We were all filled with joy and excitement. It's funny how you can be with someone for so long in your life and the moment you hit a new milestone, the thrill and excitement can still remain.

I love my brother-in-law. He is the perfect candidate for my sister. But, let's take it back to when she first asked me to be her maid of honor. I hadn't been a part of many weddings before. Actually, I've only been


 two of them, including this wedding. My first wedding, I was a bridesmaid. That was a fun experience. Of course, it had its down moments. I've learned from the two that when you have a group of women selected by one bride, there are many differences that can get in the way.

Whether it's the dress. The shoes. The hairstyle. It's so insane how girls can nit-pick at everything (myself included). It's almost as if it is


 wedding. I can imagine how the bride



Anywho, when my sister asked me to be the maid of honor, I just didn't know what it entailed. I knew that I would have a big responsibility on my hands, but whew! From dealing with friends who were now bridesmaids, to dealing with bridesmaids who should no longer fit the friend category. Ha! Setting up bachelorette parties. Organizing the Bridal Shower. Keeping up with RSVP's for the actual wedding because, duh, we need to know if you'll be there.

All for the cause and result of a beautiful wedding day. It's so worth it. 

When you're a maid of honor, it's easy to become frustrated. One thing that I learned, that I didn't so much achieve at the best of my ability during the time, was that you have to be the support, backbone, and positivity all around and for the bride. If she's venting, let her scream your head off. If she wants to cry, use your shirt as her tissue. If she doesn't like something, neither do you. Whatever she feels, you have to support it, in that moment. Yes, be the wisdom that she needs, but let your wisdom wait. Let her vent. This is super important. 

Because I have been a bridesmaid and I can compare it to being a Maid of Honor, I know that bridesmaids complain SO much. It is stressful. You've been selected to be a part of one of the most important days of this woman's life. You earned that role. Embrace it. Speaking to all future bridesmaids, here!

It's not often that you can earn this role as a Maid of Honor. I want to thank my sister for allowing me to hold that title. Even when my own advice backfired and I was not allowing my sister to vent. I learned in that moment, that I had to let go of what I wanted and let her feel her way through. 

Love is a beautiful thing. It is all around us. But love in marriage, love in a person who you are willing to spend your entire life with. Love that is so special no one can come in between. Well, this is love that you cherish. That you never let go of. That you find so deep in your heart,  it would be too difficult to express how you truly feel. Love is a beautiful thing.

I'm proud to know that my sister found that love and that she is capable, ready, able, willing and perfectly fit to now call herself a WIFE.

 (sidenote: I'll always carry your train)