Walking in Faith...I Bumped into a Wall

It's in the Bible in 2 Corinthians 5 and you often hear someone say the infamous, "walk by faith" and not by sight. What happens when your faith is dwindling and you bump into a bunch of walls? 

I know that God has placed me in many situations in my life so that I am challenged to walk by faith. Whether it's a pressing issue that I am facing, or someone close to me. I tend to latch on to other peoples problems when they are a part of my world. I've been learning faith is not something that you say you have, yet you peek through the spaces that allow you to see what's ahead. Faith is being able to walk in darkness and trusting that your path is clear, yet you bump into a few walls, fall down and get back up and continue. Faith is not temporary. 

Faith is taking a risk. We can make the mistake of seeing God through from the view of someone else's eyes. How so? Maybe you find yourself going to church and taking in the word of God, repeating phrases and then suddenly when you go home, you're lost. Maybe, even, you find yourself praying not from the heart, but saying "Christian" phrases  that you hear so often and may not even be biblical, but because it sounds good, and it seems like God hears your friends and pastors when they say it, then heck, why not repeat!? Right?

Well, we have to take the risk of being able to see God from our own view, through our own eyes. Seek Jesus to fulfill your faith.

The easiest way to have a great deal of faith to lead you through your days is by knowing who you are and what you stand for. We must start our day knowing this and by letting God show you who you are.

So, back to this wall situation. Are we really faith-full when we come to a rock and a hard place? Do we back off when things get hard? Or, do we tend to get nervous, fear-full and wonder where God is at?

I had a real moment with myself just the other night. I started to feel slightly discouraged and lost; wondering if what I am currently doing in my life has any purpose at all. Wondering if everything that I am doing in my life will be a success or a complete failure. Even just sitting down on my bed, I hit a wall. I bumped my head so many times, over and over. That is when I realized what was happening and that I could have allow my thoughts to go in either one of two directions. I could sit and sulk and allow my obstacles to lead me into fear and depression OR I could regain my strength and love for God's plan over my life and allow my faith to continue to take lead.

Honestly, it's not that easy. To see a repeat of yesterday's and feel like, what am I doing with myself? It's not easy to see a hard rock in front of you and believe that you'll pass right by it, maybe with a few bumps and bruises, but you'll be aight! It's really not easy to have faith. It's an ongoing challenge and risk that we have to take. 

I say risk, because you're risking all of what you believe in, all of what you see, for the not so obvious thing that is not right in front of you in the physical sense- faith in God.


Reclaim your time! Reclaim your faith!